Hitman 2 Celebrates Anniversary In November Roadmap

happy Anniversary!
happy Anniversary! IO Interactive

Hitman 2 is celebrating its One Year anniversary and what better way to go about it than with the November Roadmap? This month offers more live content in a single month than ever before. Just how much? Players can expect at least two content drops per week with some weeks offering as much as four drops. Overall, that's a total of 10 Featured Contracts, eight Escalation Contracts, six Challenge Packs, five item unlocks, two suit unlocks and a Legacy Elusive Target.

Here's a list of the upcoming content for November:

  • Legacy Escalations
    • November 7
      • The Bahadur Dexterity (Marrakesh)
      • The Teague Temptation (Paris)
    • November 19
      • The Arthin Occultation (Bangkok)
      • The Szilassi Darkness (Sapienza)
  • Legacy Challenge Packs
    • November 14
      • Master Fortune Teller (Marrakesh)
      • Art of Revenge (Hokkaido)
    • November 19
      • Plumber's Apprentice (Sapienza)
      • Master Sniper (Sapienza)
  • Legacy Elusive Target
    • November 22
      • The Fixer (Marrakesh)
  • Challenge Pack
    • November 7
      • Breaking and Entering (Whittleton Creek)
    • November 19
      • Blake's Endeavour (Isle of Sgail)
  • Escalation Contract
    • November 14
      • The Montague Audacity (Santa Fortuna)
    • November 28
      • The McCallister Ransck (Whittleton Creek)
      • The Quimby Quandary (Isle of Sgail)
      • The Batholomew Hornswoggle (Haven Island)
  • Featured Contracts
    • November 14
    • Special Occasions (Global)

You view details of the November Roadmap here.

Game Update

On November 19 Hitman 2 is going to release the November update, so expect more improvements, tweaks, and fixes. According to IO Interactive, the November update is likely going to be the final major patch for Hitman 2. However, December is going to round out the year with the remaining content drops, which includes Escalations and Elusive Target along with the permanent return of some Seasonal Content.

For 2020, plans for Hitman 2 include adding Featured Contracts and introducing Community-curated Contracts. There is also a plan to re-activate the Hitman 2 Elusive Targets to allow players another chance to earn any attached rewards and experience Elusive Target missions they may have missed the first time around.

The Hitman 2 Expansion Pass is still available for $39.99. The Expansion Pass is also included as part of the Hitman 2 Gold Edition and features the Haven Island (Maldives) and New York (N.Y./U.S.) locations, new Sniper Assassin maps, challenges, missions, outfits, weapons and more, all for $99.99.

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