Halloween Arrives Early With Hitman 2 October Roadmap

Presenting the October Roadmap.
Presenting the October Roadmap. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 revealed its latest Roadmap and for October it's all about Halloween. Players get to track down a serial killer and have the chance to try out the return of Legacy Challenge Packs. There are also more unlocks than ever before.

Hitman 2 already started the event on October 3 with the Escalation Contract in Miami. After that it's going to be "The Divine Descendance" in Mumbai for October 10. Completing this three-stage Escalation gives players access to the first unlock of the month: the Imperial Classic with Gloves. This was previously given as a reward for an Elusive Target, but the item is now available to all players.

The doesn't mean there are no more Elusive Contracts because that happens the next day on October 11. Players need to go to Bangkok to take care of the Warlord. Completing this Legacy Elusive Target gives them the Casual Suit with Gloves.

By October 22, the Halloween-themed Escalation Contract arrives and promises to challenge all players' expectations. Those who are brave enough to complete this challenge get two mystery rewards. Arriving on October 22 as well is the Legacy Challenge Pack Bundle. It comes with three Challenge Packs. Each has its own reward and can be completed by players who have the Legacy Pack. Take out the Master Vampire in Paris to get ahold of the Modern Sedative Syringe, a reward only available before in a Hitman Bonus Mission. If you're more the classic type then head of to Bangkok to face the Himmapan Horror and unlock the Antique Lethal Syringe. If guns are your thing then fly off to Colorado and go against the Master Scarecrow for a chance at the Tac-4 S/A Jungle.

On October 25, players have a chance to go back to Whittleton Creek and track the Serial Killer. Completing this mission unlocks the Suburban Suit with Driving Gloves. Finally, there is also the Legacy Escalation Bundle which matches the Halloween theme nicely.

You can learn more about the October Roadmap for Hitman 2 here.

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