Hitman 2 October Update: Three Legacy Challenge Packs Released

October update is here.
October update is here. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 released its October Update which brings the Halloween Escalation for players to enjoy in Hawke's Bay. Three Halloween-related Legacy Challenge Packs are also released, including the Master Vampire (Paris), Master Scarecrow (Colorado), and Himmapan Horror (Bangkok) challenges.

The October Update also brings fixes and tweaks. Update 2.71.0 is rather large, measuring in at 900 MB on PC and between 1.7 GB and 2 GB for consoles.

The Bartoli 12G

Players should be interested to know that there is finally a resolution to the Bartoli Saga. The Bartoli 12G in particular is an unlockable weapon in New York. While it continues to have the properties of a concealable weapon with Agent 47, it can no longer be selected as a starting weapon. What this means is that it needs to be placed in a stash and then retrieved during a mission.

According to the development team, they went back and forth on this issue a few times, but ultimately went for a solution which worked consistently without other issues. Players who want to experience walking into Paris and having their invitation checked while holding a shotgun can still do it, but they need to be quick. To get the best results, try having the Lynch Suit.

There are also Sniper-related fixes which include:

  • Sniper Suppression
    • The update fixed a community-reported issue where the suppressor of the Druzhina 34 Arctic could be misplaced after a load/save cycle.
  • Sniper Mode Menu
    • After completing a match, players can now return directly to the Sniper Assassin Game Mode page, making it quicker and easier to choose another map to play.
  • Sniper Leaderboards
    • A back-end change was made to the Sniper Assassin leaderboards in order to ensure the current high scores are legitimate and put measures in place to prevent further unattainable scores.
  • Sniper Render
    • The issue in the Sniper Assassin Mode that caused characters to appear in low resolution when viewed at the lowest zoom level has been fixed
  • Druzhina Perk
    • The description of the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic was updated to accurately describe the perks that it has.
    • “Marksman”, “Suppressor” and “Versatile Scope” have been added.
    • No gameplay changes have been made to the weapon.

Issues Not Fixed

The development team also revealed some of the issues reported to them, but made the decision not to make any changes. For example some players suggested that the ICA Flash Phone should be placed in the ‘Explosives’ category since that’s where other Flash devices are. According to the team, phones are considered as tools and so it remains in that category, regardless of its function.

Another is the issue of the apple, cheeseburger and muffin items. While it is technically possible to deliver the final killing blow with any of these three items, it is misleading to label them as "lethal." These items continue to have the "non-lethal" tags since this is how they are experienced by the overwhelming majority of players.

You can view all the changes here.

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