Hitman 2 Goes To Haven Island In September Roadmap

Enjoy the sun and sights.
Enjoy the sun and sights. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 officially unveiled its September Roadmap with the theme Fierce Rivalry. This time, everyone's favorite assassin goes to the Haven Island in the Maldives. The newest installment begins just after the events of the previous New York mission,

Like the previous roadmaps, this one offers a new sandbox location for Expansion Pass owners along with a whole month's worth of live content for all players. There are two new Special Assignments, Escalation Contracts, and some Legacy Elusive Targets, to name a few.

Escalation Contract

Players are in for a treat. For those who have been playing Hitman 2, they were probably surprised with the release of two Escalation Contracts on September 5.

The first was the Dalton Dissection located in New York. This is a three-stage Escalation Contract that has Agent 47 start with a restricted loadout and he cannot change from the bank robber disguise. With the new complications, targets, and restrictions added, expect this one to ramp up fast. The second Escalation Contract released on the same day was Covert Dispersal, which is in Whittleton Creek. Revolving around a garden party, the objective is to take care of the undercover officers at the party. Be sure to do it in style.

The third Escalation Contract releases September 12 and has Agent 47 go to Mumbai. Dubbed as Dubious Cohabitaion, it brings with it the new Cashmerian suit. For this contract, players need to assist the Kashmirian and practice their long-range skills.

Be careful where you thrown this one.
Be careful where you thrown this one. IO Interactive

The fourth one is the Merle Revelation and arrives on September 19. It takes place in Santa Fortuna and lets players become the shaman and guide their people. Completing all three stages of this contract lets players unlock the Emetic Grenade.

Legacy Elusive Target

On Friday September 13, the Legacy Elusive Target sees the return of Walter Williams, aka the Blackmailer, to Paris. He is going to attend the Sanguine Fashion show, so he is either going to be on the catwalk or mingling among the guests. Agent 47 is asked to retrieve a certain memory stick and only has 10 days to get it.

Head over to Paris and find the Blackmailer.
Head over to Paris and find the Blackmailer. IO Interactive

When September 27 rolls in, players go to Marrakesh to deal with the retired nurse Etta Davis, aka The Angel of Death. Like with the first Elusive Target, players have 10 days to make sure that this is her last stop.

Special Assignments

Players who own an Expansion Pass can expect two new Special Assignments this month. The first is "A Silver Tongue," which has Agent 47 go to Miami to eliminate the first target. The narrative between these two missions moves to Whittleton Creek with "A Bitter Pill."

Exclusive content available.
Exclusive content available. IO Interactive

You can view the September Roadmap here.

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