Hitman 2 Brings The Miami Heatwave This June

Feel the heat.
Feel the heat. IO Interactive

June is finally here and Hitman 2 officially revealed what’s coming. Like the previous month, there isn’t that much new content, though it appears good enough to give players what they want. This month there’s the Featured Contracts and Curated Contracts along with the Elusive Target Reactivation.

Look Who’s Back

The Elusive Target Reactivation is a sure treat for players as it looks like The Undying Returns. That’s right, none other than Sean Bean is back in the game as Mark Faba. Those who encountered him for the first time should recall that this ex-MI agent is called The Undying because of his reputation for faking his own death. The reactivated elusive target goes live on June 11 and is available to everyone until June 30. The bad news is that he’s only going to be accessible to those that didn’t get a shot the first time around.

Take A Crash Course

For those who can’t wait to get in on the action and take a shot at Faba, the Featured Contracts goes live this Thursday, June 4. There’s going to be 10 Featured Contracts available this time around and they center around the theme of Crash Course, which is inspired by the Global Innovation Race.

Chaos Is Coming

Curated Contracts, meanwhile, arrive to the game on June 18. This month the Curator is none other than CHAOS_AGENT_45. Those who have been part of the community should be familiar with him as well as his sniping skills. For those unsure, he is an NPC in Haven Island and he got this honor because he was the Sniper Assassin champion on the PlayStation 4.

With that in mind, expect that this selection of contracts is likely to be Sniper inspired. Before the contract arrives, Hitman 2 is going to put focus on CHAOS_AGENT_45 in a series of blog posts on the Community Focus. Hopefully this will be enough for players to get to know him.

IOI Monthly

This month wouldn't be complete without the monthy IOI episode. June is going to mark the 15th episode and this month will focus on what’s happening in June. It’s also a chance for players and fans to ask their favorite questions to the devs. The IOI stream is available on both Twitch and Mixer.

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