Hero's Hour: Patch v2.0.4c Adds New Combat Camera Options

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Players can now choose between three combat camera options in the latest update for Hero’s Hour. Patch v2.0.4c also implements plenty of balancing changes.

Hero’s Hour is a 2D procedurally-generated, turn-based strategy game that lets players take control of their hero, explore the world, and build their settlement. Engage in fast-paced battles that transpire in unique and random places each time the game is played.

The current combat camera control is set to auto, which means it always follows where the action is. However, the developers have added two new combat camera control options: Mixed and Manual. The former works similarly to auto but also comes with panning. Use the WASD keys on the keyboard to see other areas. The latter just gives players full control of the camera.

For balancing changes, the HP and damage of the following units (and their upgrades) have increased by 5%:

  • Militia
  • Cavalry
  • Strongarm
  • Treant
  • Bladesinger
  • Golem
  • Scroll
  • Boneguard
  • Imp
  • Canine
  • Goblin


  • All Blight units gain +5% base stats (Onyx Rod, Malavian, Blightstinger, Crawler, Malcorvid, Blight Monstrum)
  • Unit ability Fortune has its luck strike chance reduced to 15%
  • In Easy difficulty setting, AI has the number of units healed by infirmary reduced by 66%
  • In Normal difficulty setting, AI has the number of units healed by infirmary reduced by 33%
  • Heroes that are killed will now not only lose all movement points but also gain Tired: 1
  • Earthen Guards and Guardposts will no longer send units to the infirmary when defeated
  • Nomad armies now recover their units more slowly (from 50% to 33%)
  • Fixed faction mods using the wrong units as wall turret defense units, especially when several faction mods were installed at once
  • Fixed the "done" button on hero level up screen potentially overlapping with UI elements, interrupting the level up
  • Hovering over the Battle speed button no longer moves the camera in battle
  • Fixed a save corruption issue where sometimes an artifact would not save its index. This might still cause artifact corruption (turning into a Four Leaf Clover), but won't crash the game
  • Roaming armies can no longer spawn inside neutral towns
  • Fixed a bug that made new maps with randomized skill trees unable to start
  • The AI will now value visiting a Mana Well proportionally to how much mana their hero is missing
  • Nomads no longer will survive being killed or fleeing
  • There are now graphics for skills leveling up beyond Rank 10 all the way up to Rank 20
  • Weaker enemy stacks in Easy mode now apply to all human players instead of just player 1

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

Hero’s Hour is available on PC.

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