Blizzard Welcomes Latest Caldeum Complex Event For Heroes Of The Storm

Event begins March 26 and ends April 30.
Caldeum Complex Event
Caldeum Complex Event Blizzard

Now that the most recent patch has been released, Blizzard is ready for its latest event inHeroes of the Storm: Caldeum Complex. The event begins March 26 and ends April 30.

The event takes players to the future in a world where Mega Corporations have more power than governments. The event takes place in a city called Caldeum Acropolis.

The city is home to two fierce gangs. The first is the Azure Dragons, which is led by anti-corporate street artist and hacker Chromie. The other is the Onyx Turtles, with its leader Kharazim.

The two gangs have banded together to fight against Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation, a company that manufactures mechanical augmentations. The Corporation has its elite agents, the CyberOni, at its beck and call.

During the event, players need to complete a quest chain grouped into four parts: Azure Dragon’s Quest, Onyx Turtles' Quest, Ivory Tiger’s Quest, and the Jigoku Cybernetics Quest.

Caldeum Complex Events Quests
Caldeum Complex Events Quests Blizzard

The Azure Dragon’s Quest starts with “Make Contact with the Dragons,” where players need to capture eight Mercenary camps in winning games. Those who complete the challenge earn the Azure Dragons Spray and a three-day boost as a reward. Next is “Meet the Azure Prophet,” where players need to choose an Assassin (either ranged or melee) and win two games to get the a Caldeum Complex Loot Chest and Azure Dragon Chromie Portrait.

For the Onyx Turtles Quest, players need to “Earn the Turtles’ Trust” which requires getting 25,000 XP in winning game to get a reward of 250 Gold and the Onyx Turtles Spray. Players can also “Spar with Kharazim” by playing as Support or Healer and win two games. This gives players the Cyberpunk Phrases Pack and Onyx Turtle Kharazim Portrait.

Under the Ivory Tiger’s Quest, players need to “Join the Tigers’ Hunt” and kill 150 minions in winning games to get a chance to win 250 Gold and Ivory Tigers Spray. Players need to “Prove Your Valor to Johanna” by playing as Tank or Bruiser and winning two games. This gives them the Ivory Tiger Johanna Portrait and a Caldeum Complex Loot Chest.

Finally for the Jigoku Cybernetics Quest, players have to “Take Down the CyberOni Butcher” by getting 50 takedowns in winning games. The reward is the Jigoku Cybernetics Spray and Jigoku Cybernetics Butcher Portrait. Players then need to “Raid Jigoku Cybernetics Research Facility” by destroying 10 Keeps or Forts in winning games to get the Jigoku Cyber Oni Warboar and 500 Gold.

Blizzard revealed that beginning March 26, all of the Loot chests obtained through the progression, excluding hero-specific quests, will be Caldeum Complex Loot. This include the Heroes Brawl or even when spending gold. Loot chests give players at least an item from either the event or the Lunar New Year Spring events of last year. However, any loot chests earned before the event starts will not be converted to Caldeum Complex Loot Chests.

Full details of the event is available on the Caldeum Complex event page.

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