Heroes Of The Storm Balance Update Buffs Diablo And Deckard, Nerfs Rexxar

Latest balance update is hear.
Latest balance update is hear. Blizzard

Heroes of the Storm released its latest balance update earlier this week. The update includes changes to 13 heroes, in particular buffing Diablo and Deckard while nerfing Rexxar.

Aside from the usual changes to the heroes, this update also brings back The Scarlet Heist: Daily Quests. All players need to do is complete the Scarlet heist quest line, after which a set of three new daily special event quests are going to be available. With the Special Event dialog, players can then choose one of the three quests and once completed, get rewarded with a Scarlet heist Chest. This is only allowed once a day. This event ends December 3.

Now onto the character changes. For Diablo, some of his base stats have been modified. His health, for example, has been increased to 2,825 from 2,670. According to the development team, this hero has one of the lowest win rates in the game. However, this doesn't mean that he's not powerful or that he is unpopular. This is why he was given a few small adjustments. His Level 10 Apocalypse had its mana cost lowered to 50 from 100. With this, the team hopes that Diablo will be able to land his entire combo.

Another character in the same universe as Diablo also got some boosts. The development team said that compared to the other healers in the game, Deckard continues to lag behind. However, instead of increasing his numbers, the team enhanced his general usability. Thus his Healing Potion skill now shows the impending AoE to allies while the missile is still in flight. Meanwhile, the Fortitude of the Faithful trait had its radius increased to 6.5

Deckard's gem talents now cause some damage to make them a possible options for the hero. The Gems talent, for instance, now increases the damage 100% when unleashing Horadric Cube. Ruby has its cooldown reduced to 20 seconds and has the effect of increasing the trigger radius of Lesser Healing Potions to 1.

As a niche hero, Rexxar continues to overperform and has a 57% win rate. The development team revealed that while they didn't want to nerf him too much, they did want to nerf him just a little. The focus was mainly on his talents. For the passive Easy Prey, the damage bonus versus Minions and Mercenaries was reduced to 150%. The cast range of the Flare is now 25 from 15. For the Hunter-Gatherer passive, the maximum stacks were increased to 25. However, the Bonus Healing Regeneration has been lowered to 1 per second per Regeneration Globe.

You can view the other changes that came with this latest balance update here.

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