Here's Why Orisa Is Extremely Strong In Overwatch

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Orisa has the versatility that no other tank heroes in Overwatch can offer.
Orisa has the versatility that no other tank heroes in Overwatch can offer. Blizzard

The likes of D.Va and Reinhardt have been the heroes known for dominating the Overwatch meta. After Blizzard introduced the role lock feature, a new environment was created and brought a breath of fresh air. However, since the game is still primarily about the 2-2-2 (i.e. two DPS, two Tanks, and two Supports) team composition, Orisa quickly rose to the top and became the most popular pick in almost all matches.

If you are wondering why, then you are clearly missing a lot about Orisa and her essence in Overwatch. For starters, her ability to block crowd control means that she can easily disrupt the enemy team while giving her allies the chance to take point. Plus, her much shorter barrier cooldown helps her withstand any incoming attack without any delay.

Also, Orisa is one of the best DPS heroes in Overwatch, not to mention the fact that she is in a tank role. But as far as Reddit user Charlesmange 42 is concerned, there is more to this hero than what we normally see in her in matches.

For instance, Orisa offers the most versatile barriers in the game. Not only can she shield a whopping damage of 900, the skill’s cooldown is only eight seconds. What's more, she can easily throw it across the map whenever and wherever she likes. Sure, Reinhardt’s shield can be on par defensively, but it is only limited to the current position of the hero.

Since Orisa can be versatile with her shield, she can do more than just being a shield. This opens her up to becoming the best DPS tank out there. And believe it or not, her DPS is even higher for a hero with a tank role. She has a very consistent ranged primary fire, and she can also outrange other shield tanks in Overwatch.

But what really makes Orisa a force to be reckoned with is her ultimate. This gives her the ability to become a utility hero, one that is far more effective than anyone in the shield tank role. If Winston’s strength is mobility and Reinhardt is all about knocking enemies down, Orisa can get her teammates involved for better outcomes. She can always group them together and set up as many combos as possible.

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