Here's What's Coming in Game Update 7.5 for Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR 7-5 Update
A lot of new content coming soon. Broadsword

It looks like a lot of new content is coming soon to Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is courtesy of Game Update 7.5, as revealed by the development team during a recently held special livestream.

One of the highlights is a new main story chapter. Titled as "Desperate Defiance," it follows the events of "Chains in the Dark." In this one, players get to have Sa'har as their new companion. They'll be going on a risky mission to obtain the holocron and learn more of Heta is planning. That's not all since they'll also have to travel back to Hutta, which is currently facing a worker rebellion over in the Minboosa District. There they have to deal with none other than "Yusinduu the Hutt."

New Festivals

Two festivals are set to be introduced when the update goes live. In the Dantooine Farmstead Festival, players get a chance to take a step back from all the fighting. Instead, they'll be taking care of a farmstead. There's going to be a quick story arc where they are introduced to a farmstead and later on given a plot of land that they can then tend.

Second is the Spring Abundance Festival where players join in a lot of activities that include seed collecting, dancing, pie baking, animal rehabilitation, and even a galactic egg hunt.

Learn about Ventures

Game Update 7.5 is also adding to the game challenging single-player "Ventures" with the first one being the Basilisk Prototype. This one connects directly to the ongoing storyline that is Lane Vizla.

Anyway, this is all about training up the Basilisk Prototype B3-S1, which is also known as Bessie. This prototype can become a companion for the player and can even be used in limited sets of time. To become a perfect companion, players to gradually work on training B3-S1 so that it reaches its full combat potential and capabilities.

Cartel Market

The High-Republic themed Refined Mentor Lightsaber, Dualsaber, Armor set and the Hidden Chain Jetpack Mount, are all going to be available when Update 7.5 launches. Players can also get more player character customizations like the Ahsoka-inspired Baylan beard and new enhanced dye packs.


Starting with Update 7.5, PvP seasons now start the day an update launches. In particular, PVP Season 6 begins alongside the release of Update 7.5.

While no actual date for the update has been revealed, the PTS is expected to begin soon.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available for the PC and can be accessed through Steam.

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