Here's What You Can Enjoy in Star Wars: The Old Republic During the Holidays

Happy Holidays! Electronic Arts

The holidays are here and for some it's a good time to take a break. The good news is that in Star Wars: The Old Republic, there's some interesting things you can do. There are also sale offers for everyone to enjoy.

That said, here are the different things to enjoy:

  • A 50% off Collection Unlock sale until January 9.
  • Life Day is active and ends January 9.
  • Double XP Event starts December 24 and runs until January 4.
  • The Coruscant and Kaas City Strongholds are discounted to 12 credits (down from 5000) until the next game update.

Cartel Market

Those are not the only things to be happy about. That's because there's something different with the Cartel Market sales. These are now being sold at a discounted price:

  • Featured Anniversary sales until January 4
  • 5-pack: Major Experience Boost
  • Commander's Compendium - 3 Pack
  • Master's Datacron and Equipment Bundle
  • Thexan's Armor Set
  • Satele Shan's Dualsaber
  • Darth Nul's Lightsaber
  • Tulak Hord's Lightsaber

Daily Sales

Players can also enjoy Daily Sales runs until January 4. Up for grabs are:

  • Elite Mandalorian Bundle (December 21)
  • Executioner Lightning Weapon Tuning (December 22)
  • Mischief & Anarchy Blaster Pistols (December 23)
  • Tau's Lightsaber (December 24)
  • Armor of Darth Revan Set (December 25)
  • Onderon Guardian Bundle (December 26)
  • Dark Side Hssiss Mount (December 27)
  • Zakuul Knight Armor Set (December 28)
  • Stronghold Cantina Decoration Bundle (Dec 29)
  • Sensuous Dress Armor Set (Dec 30)
  • Heartless Pursuer Armor Set (Dec 31)
  • Imperial Reaper's Armor Set (Jan 1)
  • Incinerator Weapon Tuning (Jan 2)
  • Twisted Fang Lightsaber (Jan 3)

Game Update 7.5

Early this month, Game Update 7.4, also called Chains in the Dark, was released. It brought players back to a new area on Ord Mantell and progress the storyline around Heta Kol and the Hidden Chain. With the year almost over, there's likely no more updates set to be released.

What's being planned for 2024? Given what happened this year, there's probably a lot. It's going to start with 7.4.1 where players can look forward to something which the dev team says is "pretty cool" for Galactic Seasons 6. The story and primary reward of the season is going to take players back to a location where they haven't been to in quite some time.

Game Update 7.5 is also coming out next year and though nothing has been revealed so far. However, there's a livestream scheduled where the development team is going to give a sneak peek on what to expect for this planned update.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a MMORPG based in the Star Wars universe and available for the PC.

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