Here’s What Every Elden Ring Edition Offers

Elden Ring
Elden Ring FromSoftware Inc.

FromSoftware’s latest title, Elden Ring, is only a quarter of a year away. The game will launch for both past and current gen-consoles on February 25. It will also be available for PC. The developer has revealed the 20-minute long gameplay footage which you can check out in our previous article.

The pre-order for the game is live as well. But before you go purchasing the game, know which edition is the best for you. Elden Ring has five different editions, each offering something unique. The developer is also giving pre-order bonuses.

Pre-Order Bonus
Pre-Order Bonus FromSoftware

Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Adventure Guide
  • Bonus Gesture

Players who didn’t pre-order the game can get the bonus gesture later in the game.

Standard Edition

This edition is exactly what you think it is. It comes with just the base game and no extra goodies at $59.99.

Standard and Deluxe Edition
Standard and Deluxe Edition FromSoftware

Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition comes with the base game and a few digital goodies like the digital Artbook and the official soundtrack. This edition will set you back $79.99.

Launch Edition
Launch Edition FromSoftware

Launch Edition

The Launch Edition has the alternative Steelbook, depicting the hero of the past. For consoles, a physical game disc will be provided while a digital code for PC. This edition costs $69.99. It also comes with the following physical goodies:

  • Art cards: 3 Exclusive Art cards depicting the scenery of the LANDS BETWEEN. Size: 135 x 170 mm
  • Woven Patch: An exclusive woven patch, bring the rune everywhere with you.
  • Stickers: 3 exclusive stickers featuring in-game emblem patterns.
  • Poster: An exclusive poster representing a hero from the past, Size: 39 x 334 mm
Collector's Edition
Collector's Edition FromSoftware

Collector’s Edition

Collector’s Edition comes with all the content of Launch Edition but with extras. The game includes the exclusive Steelbook, which features the Elden Ring. It will also have a 40-page hardcover Artbook and a digital soundtrack. This edition will set you back $189.99. The statue detailed below will be included as well:

  • Statue of Malenia - Blade of Miquella: A finely detailed 23-cm figure of Malenia – Blade of Miquella. Size: 23 cm
Premium Collector's Edition
Premium Collector's Edition FromSoftware

Premium Collector’s Edition

Premium Collector’s Edition is the edition for the most hardcore fans. It brings everything from the Collector’s Edition plus a helmet. This edition costs a whopping $259.99. You can check out the details about the helmet below:

  • Official Helmet replica, 1:1 scale: An official Helmet Replica of Malenia – Blade of Miquella that comes with a display stand.

So what do you think? Are you excited about the Elden Ring? Will you pre-order the game or wait for reviews? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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