How to Claim Your Free Death Stranding 2 PSN Avatars

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Death Stranding 2 was first announced at The Game Awards.
Death Stranding 2 was first announced at The Game Awards. Sony PlayStation

While Death Stranding 2 is not yet happening soon, Kojima Productions has some very interesting updates for the fans. The studio is offering a freebie for all PlayStation users who are stoked to play the sequel.

The studio’s decision to release a collection of PSN avatars is designed to commemorate both its seventh anniversary and the reveal of the upcoming follow-up title Death Stranding 2. The said avatars, as mentioned, are free and players can actually start redeeming them now.

So, how would fans and players obtain them? They need to use the download codes on the PlayStation Store to gain access to at least four different pictures of the BB Pod. From there, they just have to head over to their profile page to start using the avatars. Of these four different versions of the BB Pod, two feature the infamous tentacles.

Here are the codes for every region:

  • Asia: CRBA-GKNP-J9EK
  • Japan: JP2J-A5NG-PT2F
  • Korea: 3D86-9PNF-KABQ

For those who have tried redeeming codes before, here is a support article that could help you go through the steps.

Death Stranding 2 was first announced at The Game Awards earlier this month. Although little has been known about the sequel, Kojima Productions did give fans a peek through a reveal trailer. It is worth noting though that the name of the game is just a working title, so there is a chance that it could change between now and the official release.

As for the sequel’s visuals, the studio will reportedly use the MetaHuman technology from Unreal Engine, which would help in getting more photorealistic shots. In fact, the trailer below shows a significant upgrade when compared to the first game; it really looks absolutely stunning on PlayStation 4. Kojima Productions is once again using Guerilla’s state-of-the-art Decima Engine.

There’s no official release date yet and the devs haven’t really shared more about Death Stranding 2 apart from the reveal trailer. Details are scarce indeed but fans should hear more about the follow-up title soon.

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