How to Fix Weird Ogre Magi Bug in Dota 2

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Weird Ogre Magi bug is not letting players cast the hero's spells.
Weird Ogre Magi bug is not letting players cast the hero's spells. Twitter/@DOTA2

Bugs and glitches are common in video games. While fans and players alike absolutely expect these every now and then, they can be detrimental to a game’s success if left unfixed. Dota 2, in particular, is no exception.

On the Dota 2 subreddit, Redditor cnstntchng uploaded a clip showing Ogre Magi trying to cast spells on the enemy hero Silencer. The former is basically trying to stun the latter in hopes of setting up a play for Anti-Mage. Unfortunately, for some reason, Ogre Magi could not cast one of his spells. The player can even be seen trying to right-click the skill icons and the enemy but to no avail.

Interestingly, while the bug appears to be new, it is actually something other players have been experiencing for some time now. Others pointed out that they thought it was an exploit, while some offered a rather quick solution. Well, believe it or not, the only known method to fix the bug is to simply quit the game and then rejoin the match. And voila, the bug disappears.

If you have experienced this too and found no way to resolve it (yet), just try quitting Dota 2. Do not worry – the game allows you to rejoin the match as long as you reconnect ASAP. So, if you are worried about accidentally abandoning the game and getting punished for it (or worse, being placed in the low-priority pool), do not be. Again, just remember to rejoin the match and you should see the bug fixed.

Another commenter, however, claimed that they also experienced the same bug in the game but fixed it differently. They tried spamming the ESC button on their keyboard and clicking “Select Hero,” though they cannot really tell which one actually fixed the issue.

The AutoModerator of the subreddit suggested reporting the bug on the Dota 2 Bug Tracker especially if no one has reported it yet. Well, if someone already reported the bug before the clip, then for sure Valve would have fixed it already. As of writing, the studio has not announced a fix for it, though it is expected to be resolved soon. Just recently, the developers also fixed an issue involving the neutral item Vambrace which allowed players to equip it at the very start of the game.

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