Dota 2 Bug Letting Players Grab Vambrace for Free

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Vambrace is a neutral item that can only be obtained by killing neutral creeps.
Vambrace is a neutral item that can only be obtained by killing neutral creeps. Steam

Bugs come and go in video games and Dota 2 is certainly not an exception. Just recently, a bug has been found to allow players to buy the item called “Vambrace” for free. As soon as this bug came to light, a lot of players started exploiting it to give themselves and their teams a significant boost at the start of the match.

Basically, the bug lets you buy the Vambrace in Dota 2 by simply opening the in-game shop. From there, it is just a matter of dragging the item to your character panel’s quick-buy stash and right-clicking the item to obtain it.

It should be noted that the item is not something you should be able to buy from the in-game shop. It is a neutral item and can only be acquired by killing neutral creeps. While obtaining it from this method does not require you to spend gold, you should not be able to grab and use it at the very start of the match.

Of course, the Vambrace bug gives players a significant boost early in a Dota 2 match – a time in the game when gaining gold and experience usually affects how your hero performs later in the match. When it is equipped, your hero would gain beneficial attributes when you start to lane. This advantage can certainly overwhelm your opponents as you exchange blows and deny or kill creeps. This is even crucial if you start initiating a fight with the opposing team’s heroes while you lane with them.

The Vambrace lets you toggle between three main attributes in Dota 2, namely, Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Depending on the situation, you might want to activate its Strength attribute to give your hero a health boost (very helpful when your life is low and enemies are trying to kill you). If you want to gain a quick mana boost, you would certainly want to toggle the Intelligence attribute. Agility is perfect for situations where you need a better attack speed.

As of this writing, the developers at Valve have yet to release a statement concerning the bug, but reports say that it was already fixed. Interestingly, the bug has been in the game for quite a while now, but it was only recently that more players started noticing it.

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