Earn Cool Rewards as PUBG: Battlegrounds Celebrates 7th Anniversary with Special Drops

Rewards galore! Krafton

PUBG: Battlegrounds is celebrating its 7th birthday. That's right! It's been seven years since players started to take on this battle royale. Today we'll give you a guide on the Special Drops and Partner Drops that's been launched to commemorate this newest milestone.

Party Gift

There's a lot of happening during this anniversary celebration. The first is the 7th Anniversary Party Gift. For the PC, these are available from March 13 to March 24. Meanwhile for consoles it's March 21 to April 1. All players need to do is log in daily to get rewards. The obtainable rewards are:

  • Happy 7th Anniversary Jacket
  • Happy 7th Anniversary Skirt
  • Happy 7th Anniversary Boots
  • Happy 7th Anniversary Gloves
  • G-COIN (2 Days) (x500)

Players can also earn consecutive log in rewards which are Contraband Coupons (x20).


The second part is the 7th Anniversary Booster and it's running March 27 to April 7 for the PC and April 4 to April 15 for the console. Like with the previous one, all players need to do and get the chance to obtain any of these rewards:

  • Contraband Coupons (x10)
  • BP (x5,000)
  • Hunter's Chest (x2)
  • Key (x2)
  • Archivist's Chests (x2)
  • Consecutive log in rewards: Contraband Coupons (x20)

Players can also look forward to 7th Anniversary for All. This one just needs them to enter the lobby and obtain G-COIN (2 Days) (x500). It's available on PC and consoles from March 22 to March 24.

Finally, there's "Party Time!" which runs March 13 to April 8 for the PC and March 21 to April 16 for consoles. Here are the missions that players need to complete:

  • Play Erangel 1 time.
  • Play Erangel a total of 3 times.
  • Hit the gift box a total of 7 times with cupcakes.
  • Throw cupcakes and hit the gift box. Burst it open a total of 3 times to complete the challenge.
  • Use a 7th Anniversary Vending Machine 1 time.
  • Hit the jackpot 1 time on a 7th Anniversary Vending Machine.
  • Use 7th Anniversary Energy Drinks a total of 7 times.

Once they do any of those, they get the chance to obtain these rewards:

  • Credits (x300)
  • Polymer (x100)
  • Happy 7th Anniversary (Gold) Spray
  • Happy 7th Anniversary - Pan
  • Happy 7th Anniversary - Helmet (Level 1)
  • Contraband Coupons (x20)
  • Victory Dance - 7th Anniversary

Partner Drops

Drops are available for Partners' live stream. All that's need to be done is watch those streams and earn rewards. The rewards are:

  • 30 minutes: Hunter's Chest (x1)
  • 1 hour: Key (x1)
  • 2 hours: Toughen Up Spray
  • 3 hours: Happy 7th Anniversary! Nameplate

The Drop period is from March 13 to March 24.

Aside from the Special Drops and Partner Drops, there are also other events where you can earn rewards and you can learn more about it here. You can also read more about what's happening in the game here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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