Hellpoint Update 1.05 Patch Notes: 30FPS Lock, New Features, Bug Fixes, And More

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Fans of the masochist-games genre have been enjoying Hellpoint for the past few months. The Souls-like game by the small developer Cradle Games enjoyed an average to positive reception from fans. However, a lot of criticism was focused on the technical side of the game.

Cradle Games has been working hard to get rid of these issues. They recently released Update 1.05 that fixes a lot of annoying bugs and also added some small new features. The game now has been locked to 30 FPS in consoles. This was done to improve the performance issues at higher frame rates. Players now have the ability to dismount all the weapons. A new ‘Camera Shake’ option has been added to the settings menu and GOG achievements will now unlock as intended. Inventory will not show junk items in them anymore.

The patch notes for the Xbox One version of the update are mentioned below. You can also read the PS4 Patch Notes over here, there are only a few differences between them.

Hellpoint Update 1.05 Xbox One Patch Notes

  • Locked the frame rate at 30 FPS
  • He moved the inaccessible coin: Coin: in Alma Mater (sorry for the inconvenience!)
  • All weapons (except those on the Pond console) can be dismounted: Ax:
  • Unused default timers are not lost in New Game +
  • Fixed fire / frost effects not applying properly to some enemies.
  • (Attempt) Fixed some menus reacting to input even while Alt-Tabbed
  • Balanced NG + damage and rewards for higher levels (axions lowered slightly, enemy damage and health are now much higher at NG + level 5 and above)
  • Updated and sped up credits
  • Prevented a co-op partner from attacking a neutral NPC
  • Added “Camera Shake” option to settings
  • Fixed GOG achievements not unlocking
  • Fixed Ring Puzzle doors won’t open in some situations
  • Fixed attack comments not displaying for online players.
  • Balanced the amount of radiation damage applied
  • Fixed some firearm melee attacks not dealing damage: Rifle:
  • Fixed a crash when doing a heavy jump attack with some firearms
  • Fixed some invisible enemies in co-op.
  • Junk items have been removed from appearing in inventory.
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