Hellpoint Update 1.03 Patch Notes: Disappeared Items Are Now Back

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The action RPG game Hellpoint was released a while back and it garnered a good amount of fan following. Hellpoint received a positive reception from both fans and critics, however, it also received some major criticism for several annoying bugs and technical issues.

The developers have addressed these issues and are constantly pushing out bug fixes. The latest patch, update 1.03, was released a few days ago which focused on bug fixes and performance issues. The update also fixed the item disappearing bug. You will recover all of your lost keys, omnicubes, programs, blueprints, and healing items, However, all the lost weapons, armor, and upgrade chips will not be recovered and are lost forever.

You can read the complete patch notes of the update below.

Hellpoint Patch Notes 1.03

  • Applied the changes of all the previous PC patches to the PS4 version! We’ve compiled a;; the recent changes to PC that’s now applicable to the PS4 version below.
  • Added missing audio in two of the Interface cinematics
  • Fixed a number of movers not being replicated online in Palace and Alma
  • Fixed unlock door when coming out of the Building by the main entrance
  • Fixed two blueprints using raw resources instead of processed ones
  • Added message to the save game picking menu when it’s empty (explaining to create a second save for split screen)
  • Gave control of a lot of stuff to the client instead of the host, making the experience smoother
  • Fixed some “boxiness” on some fonts
  • Optimized weapon trails
  • Horde now pre-spawn the enemies on loading screen (prevent framerate drop when enemies spawns)
  • Fixed Data counter being stuck on screen in some specific events
  • Optimized enemy damage calculation (enemy stats are always 1 internally)
  • Removed constant tenacity regeneration. Now only regen when it’s not at max.
  • Boss breaches are now hidden when in the underworld (prevent teleporting around)
  • Healing station regen healing charges at a cost
  • Added choice of input icons when using unknown controller
  • Added choice of speaker modes (stereo, quad, surround, 5.1, 7.1)
  • Optimization in large scale FX, including the Artillery explosion
  • Optimization in turning on and off FX at a distance
  • Enemies no longer update their environmental status when “normal”
  • Boss can no longer “lose aggro” on a player.
  • Fixed a Twitch Websocket closure issue.
  • Fixed a PRB decal issue with the smoothness channel
  • Fixed an issue with room controller having both visual and enemy spawner in the same context
  • Fixed an issue where the Pet entry code would fail to reset
  • Added a “!what” command to Twitch chatbot
  • Fixed an issue where a client would spawn without air
  • Made the background of the message creation UI darker to see the icons better
  • Fixed an issue were the omnicube could be unequipped
  • Fixed the second swing of the Victim’s Poker not doing any damage
  • Fixed the Shield Charge (to execute it, raise your shield and rush at an enemy while holding down the Sprint button)
  • Reduced the number of save interactions with the cloud
  • Automatically equip the omnicube for people who unequipped it and couldn’t equip back
  • Fixed the damage cone of different shotguns’ firing mode
  • Fixed the melee attack of the Daemon Cannon weapon
  • Tweaking of the Sentient
  • Added feedback to the main menu when the game is synchronizing with the cloud
  • Added timeout to the synchronization if the cloud is too heavy
  • Optimized a number of calls towards the cloud
  • Fixed the material stencil on the Artillery weapon
  • Fixed the damage cone of different shotguns’ firing mode
  • Fixed the melee attack of the Daemon Cannon weapon
  • Items no longer disappear from the inventory
  • Fixed the numbers displayed in the Weapon Editor
  • Fixed firearms and catalysts in the online multiplayer
  • Fixed omnicube replication in the online multiplayer
  • Fixed a crash happening when two attacks were being executed at the same time while playing in online co-op
  • Fixed a potential lock up when attacking with a melee weapon and a firearm at nearly the same time
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