Hell Let Loose Update 12 "Falling Dark" Adds New Map Variants and Vehicle Updates

Hell Let Loose
Hell Let Loose Steam

The Falling Dark Update is out for Hell Let Loose. This update adds Low Light/Night mood settings for select maps, vehicle changes, and bug fixes.

New Map Variants

The developers added four new Remagen maps in this update, which are:

  • Remagen Warfare
  • Remagen Warfare Night
  • Remagen Offensive GER
  • Remagen Offensive US

They also added four Night maps, which should make them refreshing. These are:

  • Foy Warfare Night
  • Purple Heart Lane Warfare Night
  • Hurtgen Forest Warfare Night
  • Kursk Warfare Warfare Night


The half-track vehicles are stronger, thanks to the new update because they now have Machine Guns like M2 Browning or MG42. Plus, the developers introduced an M4A3 75w medium tank for the US faction.

Hell Let Loose Update 12

Bug Fixes
  • Unusual camera stuttering when vaulting over an object while the server/player has a high ping
  • Disconnecting and Reconnecting from VoIP while making Microphone check will cause VoIP to permanently stop working.
  • Soviet Recon Tank doesn't trigger any SFX when entering the vehicle or switching positions.
  • Panzer IV has incorrect armor collision
  • The player cannot be heard if they switch very fast between the VOIP channels
  • Players are unable to hear enemy Half-track SFX
  • M97 Trench Gun cannot penetrate any materials.
  • Outpost can be placed next to downed enemy but is instantly destroyed.
  • Bullet Crack Sound Plays when leaving Mounted Prone with PTRS-41.
  • Typing Y/N in chat will accept or deny UI requests
  • Deployable explosives can't be placed in an area around garrisons and airheads.
  • The player model can clip through certain building roofs by deploying LMGs.
  • LMGs camera will lose its input when being deployed in another player
  • Some Personal Stats are not saved when the player exits and reenters a server
  • Offensive mode initial Deploy Timer counts down before any players have joined the server
  • VOIP may not work immediately after creating a unit for 20-30 seconds
  • Career and Role EXP may not correctly display in change role menu if gained just before a match ends.
  • Two players can trigger the bandaging animation if the bandage is used at the same time
  • Players do not get suppressed from bombing run fire when in artillery reload seat
  • Players do not get suppressed from strafing run fire when in artillery reload seat
  • Deploying an LMG on a wooden beam of a specific barn causes graphical issue and un-deploys the LMG.
  • The player is unable to deploy or to enter the Change Role menu in certain scenarios after they've been switched to the other team via RCon during the last 3 seconds of deployment

You can read more about the update here.

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