Hell Let Loose Update 11 New Vehicles and Bug Fixes

Hell Let Loose
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Hell Let Loose recently received a new update that added new content and bug fixes.

The developers introduced two new vehicles with this update. The new vehicles are the Halftracks and Panzer IV. The Halftracks can be accessed by every faction in-game. However, the Panzer IV is exclusive to the German faction.

The developers also fixed an issue where players can’t see their mouse cursor when they change the resolution after pressing the Alt + Enter. Additionally, they added more filtering options and improvements to the Streamer Mode. If you want to check your microphone in-game, you can via a dedicated tester in the audio settings.

Hell Let Loose Update 11

  • Added Fire PFX to give a visual aid of when a Tank’s engine is destroyed
  • Improved detection of radial damage against vehicles. (trees and other objects are less likely to block incoming damage if the vehicle isn’t entirely obscured)
  • Reduced the damage of Recon vehicles from 400 to 200
  • Increased cooldown of the Sherman 76 to be in line with other Heavy Tanks
  • Placing a deployable while at build limit will now replace the oldest existing deployable of the same kind
  • Improved Bullet Penetration reliability on a variety of assets across the game
  • Added nameplate occlusion (off by default)
  • Updated PHL Tactical Map to better distinguish rivers from roads
  • Added a Friends and History tab to the Enlist Screen
  • Added a Last Played On date for servers on the Enlist Screen
  • Added keybinds to the UI when inside a vehicle
  • Redesigned the invalid spawn location notification
  • Enemy role and unit information is now hidden on the scoreboard
  • AT-Gun map icons now rotate based on their direction
  • Updated a number of Commander Ability descriptions to provide more information
  • Organized the gameplay settings menu into sub-categories for easier navigation
Bug Fixes
  • Sniper rifle sometimes fails to auto chamber a round.
  • Explosion SFX would often not play when dying inside a vehicle
  • Ragdoll is teleported when the player dies in the Russian artillery gun
  • Snipers scopes reticles won't move while crouching or moving the camera in ADS
  • The Start/Stop Engine UI will overlap the Exit Vehicle UI if both inputs are pressed simultaneously
  • Player corpses block constructible blueprints from being built/upgraded
  • Debug text "Army name" appears for a split second on the Unit Select screen
  • "Cancel Deployment" overlaps with the deploy timer in some non-English languages

You can read more about the update here.

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