Hearts of Iron IV Celebrates 5th Birthday with Collie Patch

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Paradox Interactive

It was in June 2016 when players were introduced to Hearts of Iron IV. Since then, this grand strategy wargame has challenged everyone to not only outbuild but also outfight most of history’s terrible war machines.

As part of the celebration, players get to enjoy the Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Bundle which comes with:

  • Eastern Front Planes Pack
    • More than 50 new airplane models for nations fighting in central and eastern Europe:
      • Germany
      • Soviet Union
      • Poland
      • Romania
      • Yugoslavia
      • Hungary
  • Eastern Front Music Pack
    • Enjoy 13 new music tracks including Soviet National Anthem, Lili Marlene, and My Pierwsza Brygada.

That’s not all since everyone also has the chance to grab the Immersion Bundle that brings cosmetic touches, which improves the visual aspect and audio features. The bundle offers:

  • Radio Pack
    • A total of 35 songs spread across all three factions.
    • Includes reproduced music from earlier games in the Hearts of Iron series.
  • Axis Armor Pack
    • More than 60 armored vehicle models for the German, Japanese and Italian armies, including the StuG III, Japanese experimental heavy tanks, and the L-6 light tank.
  • Allied Armor Pack
    • At least 50 armored vehicle models for the American, Soviet, British, and French armies, which include the M7 Priest, the French Renault tank, and a host of new tank destroyers.
  • Allied Speeches Pack
    • Enjoy more than 70 minutes of speeches from some of the most inspiring moments from the Allied campaign like MacArthur’s celebrated “I shall return” and even Churchill’s pledge to “fight on the beaches.”

“Collie” Patch

The birthday celebration also comes with Patch 1.10.6 that brings gameplay changes. For example, if Ethiopia can push the Italians out of East Africa, then they can now submit a peace deal to Italy. Players should now note that swapping templates on divisions that have been encircled is no longer possible.

Another interesting addition is Tom Moore being a military leader for Britain. It comes complete with a jungle trait to highlight his services during the 1940s in India and Burma. This also serves as an honor to Captain Sir Tom Moore who, at 100 years of age, passed away in February of this year due to COVID.

You can read the complete patch notes here.

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