Hearts Of Iron 4 To Release Battle For The Bosporus DLC On October 15

Time to control the Balkan countries.
Time to control the Balkan countries. Paradox Interactive

Hearts of Iron IV announced that it is ready to launch the Battle for the Bosporus country pack. Coming out on October 15, it’s going to offer new events along with new decision paths that allow players to take control of the destinies of the countries of Bulgaria, Greece, or Turkey. The country pack is available for $9.99.

When it comes to the Mediterranean, the strategy is to control the Bosporus and Dardanelles. These are the straits that join the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. This makes it a rather attractive target for those who want to dominate this part of the world.

Features of the Battle for the Bosporus are:

  • National Focus Tree for Bulgaria
    • The land has been divided and it’s time to balance the different factions or reclaim territory that was lost in 1919. Players can enter into an alliance with Germany or resist Germany in order to stand up for a free Bulgaria.
  • National Focus Tree for Greece
    • Greece remains to be neutral and this is maintained by the rather controversial Metaxas. Players can go the way of the arch-conservatives into fascism or restore the glories of the Greek Empire in the east. There’s also the choice to build a strong relationship with the Allies under King George II.
  • National Focus Tree for Turkey
    • Turkey has lost its empire during the last war. The question that needs to be answered is what future lies in store for Turkey in this new war. There’s a lot to decide. Players can continue or stop the reforms of Kemalism. They can also decide to serve as protector of the Balkans in a new regional faction, restore the Sultan to the throne, or found a new Islamic state.
  • New Music Tracks
  • New 3D Unit Models for Balkan and Turkish Armies
  • Unique voice overs for Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

Hearts of Iron IV focuses on World War II with players taking control of any nation in either 1936 or 1939. The game serves as the official sequel to Hearts of Iron III and is the fourth entry in the Hearts of Iron Series. Battle for the Bosporus is the sixth expansion arriving to the game.

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