Hearts of Iron 4 Masters of the Mediterranean Event Starts Today

Who gets to bring home the prize?
Who gets to bring home the prize? Paradox Interactive

Hearts of Iron 4 launched an event that a team of content creators goes against a team of game developers. The Masters of the Mediterranean is a two-day event that starts today, March 10.

The Event

The teams for the event are:

  • Mediterranean Entente (Content Creators)
    • Bokoen - Portugal
    • Mordred Viking - Greece
    • dankus_memecus - Turkey
    • Feedback Gaming - Spain
    • Alex the Rambler - Bulgaria
  • Major Powers (Game Devs)
    • Daniel (Senior QA) - Imperial Germany
    • Robert (Game Designer) - Japan
    • Drikus (Content Design Lead) - Kings Party United Kingdom
    • Olle (Programmer) - Trotsky's Soviet Union

The winner of the match is determined by whoever controls certain “Super Victory Points.” These are strategic areas that are considered important in controlling the Mediterranean and its sea lanes. That means whoever controls most areas gets to bring home the title of “Masters of the Mediterranean.”

Who do you think is going to be declared as the masters?

Mid-Week Madness

For those who haven’t tried that game, this is a good time to do it. Hearts of Iron 4 started its Midweek Madness yesterday. From March 9 to 12, everyone gets the chance to play the game for free.

That’s not all since there are several offers as well during this period. Those who decide to buy the game can get it at a 75% discount. That’s right! Not enough? There’s also the 50% discount offered for every expansion.

Learn all about the promotion here.

World War 2 may have been brutal but it’s also one of the most engaging conflicts in human history, and that’s what Hearts of Iron 4 is all about. It allows players to take command of any nation that took part in WW2. Whether in the command center or on the battlefield, players get to decide how their country moves forward in this great war. They can negotiate with other countries, declare war, or outright invade them.

Since its official launch in 2016, there have been six expansion sets added to the game. The latest was the Battle for the Bosporus released in October 2020 and it added minor Balkan Countries like Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.

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