Get Ready for 3 Major Standard Events in Hearthstone this Year

The competitive scene is returning soon. Blizzard

Good news to fans of the Hearthstone competitive scene. The esports competition returns this February for the year there's going to be two Masters Tour that lead to the 2024 World Championship.

Each Masters Tour features 16 top competitors who are going to fight for their share of $50,000. All of these culminate in the World Championship, where the best eight players of the year try to get a large share of the $350,000 prize pool and of course, eternal glory.

Masters Tour

For the months of February and March, players get the chance to climb the leaderboard to earn one of the 16 spots for the Masters Tour: Spring Championships. Twelve of the spots go to the top four Competitive Points earners from each region. The remaining four slots meanwhile go to the top four total points earners who haven't yet obtained an invitation, regardless of region.

The Masters Tour: Summer Championship follows the same structure but pulls from the June and July Leaderboards.

World Championship

The top two finishers from each of the Masters Tour get to earn an invite to the World Championships. The remaining four slots meanwhile reward player consistency throughout the year. It's going to the top total Competitive Points earners across the months of February, March, June, July, October, and November. Basically there's one slot for the highest earner in each region with the remaining one slot going to the highest point earner who hasn't yet earned an invite, regardless of region.

A New Twist

The esports scene isn't the only thing to be excited about this February. A new season arrived to Twist next month and it's all about Commons. What that means is no legendary cards. Players get to build a deck with only Commons from all the sets up to the introduction of Demon Hunter, along with Caverns of Time.

There's also an upcoming even happening in both Battlegrounds and Traditional Hearthstone. From January 30 to February 13, those who finish the event quest get to earn event XP on the special event rewards track. Completing rewards track let players earn six Signature Cards which are 2x Kobold Miner, 2x Walking Mountain, and 2x Howdyfin. Other rewards are the Lantern Stringer Galewing Battlegrounds Hero Skin, and the Dragon Dance Celeste Hearthstone Hero Skin.

Hearthstone is available for the PC and mobile platforms.

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