Hearthstone Knights Of The Frozen Throne Solo Adventures Guide: The Lower Citadel

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Lady Deathwhisper
How do you whisper without any lips? Blizzard

Hearthstone’s Knights Of The Frozen Throne Solo Adventures aren’t easy to beat. The Lich King has assembled an army of demons, skeletons and netdeckers to defeat you and keep Death Knights OP forever. Beating them requires a bit of skill, preparation and determination. If you beat the first wing, featuring Lord Marrowgar, Deathbringer Saurfang and Lady Deathwhisper, you’ll earn one whole free card pack. It’s a little annoying to have to go through that much effort for a few measly cards, but I’ll take whatever Blizzard will give me.

If you’re having trouble beating the bosses, I’ve assembled a guide to aid you on your quest. These decks are all fairly affordable and easy enough to use, but I wouldn’t recommend substituting any cards. Each one helps in its own special way, though you should always feel free to experiment. Deck building is half the fun of Hearthstone , but sometimes you just want to win the game without losing your marbles.

Lord Marrowgar

The first boss you fight sets the tone for the entire expansion. I was naive enough to think I could just beat him down with any old deck, but after losing four times in a row, I decided that strategy would be necessary. His Hero Power passive heals him to full every turn, meaning the only way to beat him is with a one-turn knock-out. You shouldn’t start this fight if you’re really short on time because this literal bag of bones takes a long time to smack down.

I used my Jade Druid list to beat him, which actually got the job done. Marrowgar has a ton of sticky minions that deal a fuck ton of damage, so killing them is your highest priority. Deathcharger will clear any minion you have in the early game and Roll The Bones, Undercity Huckster will keep his hand full. If you want to survive Bryn’troll the Bone Arbiter, Bone Storm and Bone Spike , you’re going to need to build up those Jade Idols and quick. You can only take 15 damage a couple of times before the game is over.

Survival is the only way to win, which is where your Taunts come in handy. Marrowgar loves to swarm his board with weak attack minions, making Spreading Plague a super useful card. It might take a few tries, but eventually you’ll build up a board with sticky minions that can punch through those Taunts and spiky bones. He’s by far the hardest of the bunch, so just take your time and eventually you’ll take him down.

Deathbringer Saurfang

This Orcen soldier is by far the easiest of the three to defeat. The only way you can damage Deathbringer is by using a weapon, which means the only class you’re going to be able to play is Warrior. Using this Knights Of The Frozen Throne-ified version of classic Pirate Warrior, he’s really easy to take down. Always attack the Orc with your weapons,using your minions to trade with his. Make sure to clear the minions that heal him before his turn starts or it won’t matter how many weapons you use.

Lady Deathwhisper

The oddest fight in the dungeon, this boss has more health than a Control Warrior after twenty turns of armoring up. Thankfully, you get Valithria Dreamwalker, a dragon that’s been chained up but is now ready to redeem herself. Unfortunately, she can only attack when she is at full health and the bone giant’s Hero Power reduces the health of all your minions to one every turn. If you Silence her, she can attack freely, but she will then be able to get killed and then you’re going to have a bad time. The deck I used is full of Silences and heals to make Hearthstone’s greenest dragon feel up to fighting.

The fight itself is pretty simple: put Windfury on Valithria, heal her up, then let her go. Use Devolve and Hex on those pesky Taunts in your way and you’ll have a win in no time. It might take a few tries to get the draws you want to get that win, but I managed to pull it off on my first try.

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