Hearthstone Control Priest Guide: Knights Of The Frozen Throne Edition

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Come on baby, don't fear the Shadowreaper Blizzard

After hitting the single digits on the Hearthstone ranked ladder, I started to notice the same decks over and over. Even with the release of Knights Of The Frozen Throne, players would still rather copy a deck they found online than create something for themselves. I know, playing the best decks you saw Thijs or Kripp play on their stream might give you a better chance at winning, but you aren’t those streamers. Those misplays you keep making over and over, like putting Jade Idols in your deck on turn one or playing a Medivh’s Valet without using its Battlecry, are huge and separate the Legends from the Angry Chickens.    

You’re not here to fix your misplays, you’re here to netdeck and that I can help you out with. If Jade Druid is just a little too simple, then I’ve got another deck that’s perfect for you. Back in the Year Of The Kraken, there was this little card named Reno Jackson that forced players to only use a copy of a card in a deck. It created a whole new way to deck build and new and exciting archetypes started to pop up all over the place. We may no longer be rich, but his spirit lives on in what is probably the most annoying deck of this expansion.

Control Priest uses Shadowreaper Anduin, who changes Priest’s Hero Power to “deal two damage, reset each time you play a card.” The other half of the coin is Raza The Chained, who makes your Hero Power cost nothing. See what I’m getting at here? Throw a Lyra The Sunshard and Radiant Elemental onto the board and you’ve got a dirty amount of damage. There are even versions of this deck that run Prophet Velen and Mirage Caller for an easy OTK because having fun comes secondary when playing Hearthstone.

This deck only uses one copy of every card, so you have to be very picky with your resources. Wasting that Shadow Word: Death on an Aya Blackpaw when you’re not sure whether or not there’s a Lich King waiting in their hand could be deadly. Like Renolock back in the day, each game of Control Priest is different. You might not draw any of your combo pieces until the game is nearly over, wondering why the card games have forsaken you. There’s nothing worse than topdecking Raza when there’s an 11/11 Jade Druid waiting to slap you for lethal damage.

Deck List:

Northshire Cleric × 1  

Potion of Madness  × 1  

Power Word: Shield × 1  

Radiant Elemental  × 1  

Shadow Visions  × 1  

Shadow Word: Pain × 1  

Spirit Lash  × 1  

Curious Glimmerroot  × 1  

Shadow Word: Death × 1  

Eternal Servitude  × 1  

Greater Healing Potion  × 1  

Priest of the Feast  × 1  

Tortollan Shellraiser  × 1  

Devour Mind  × 1  

Holy Nova × 1  

Kabal Songstealer  × 1  

Lyra the Sunshard  × 1  

Raza the Chained  × 1  

Dragonfire Potion  × 1  

Free From Amber  × 1  

Shadowreaper Anduin  × 1  

Obsidian Statue  × 1

Acidic Swamp Ooze × 1    

Bloodmage Thalnos × 1   2

Doomsayer × 1  

Golakka Crawler  × 1  

Tar Creeper  × 1  

Kazakus  × 1  

Elise the Trailblazer  × 1  

The Lich King  × 1

Deck String: AAECAa0GHooB5QTtBckGigfTCtcK8gyStAKDuwK1uwK3uwLYuwLhvwLqvwLRwQLYwQLZwQLcwQLkwgLKwwLPxwKZyAK+yALGzALlzALmzALCzgLwzwKQ0wIAAA==

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