'Hearthstone' Player Disguised Toast Wins Match In Meme-Tastic Way, Then Gets DQed for Oversleeping

Disguised Toast's avatar is my favorite Hearthstone pro
Disguised Toast's avatar is my favorite Hearthstone pro YouTube

On Saturday, I got to see one of the coolest matches in Hearthstone history in person. Disguised Toast, the hilarious YouTuber and streamer known for his off-meta builds, went up against Sjow, a fairly successful competitive Hearthstone pro in the ONOG Major Circuit at PAX East. The two were playing in the Reno Warlock mirror match, except Toast had teched in a few cards nobody, especially his opponent, expected.

In the later parts of the game where every card counts, Toast played DOOM! On a single minion, netting him very little value. Sjow thought this was either a very poor play or a serious mistake and wanting to capitalize on Toast’s lack of board pressure, Sjow played Jaraxxus . For those of you who don’t know, Jaraxxus is a special card that replaces your hero, which also happens to be a demon. Sacrifical Pact destroys and Demon on the field, see where I’m going with this?

The crowd lost their mind after Toast won that game, nobody could believe what just happened. A pro gamer lost to a memer after getting baited in the funniest way possible. I planned to spend the rest of today cheering on Toast at the tournament, turning into his loudest and most loyal fan. Turns out Toast didn’t feel the same way about me and slept through check-in, forfeiting his spot.

Disguised Toast must have partied a bit to hard at the Twitch party last night, better luck next time.

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