Hearthstone: Patch 23.2 Launches Three New Features

Hello there buddies.
Hello there buddies. Blizzard

A new patch has been released for Hearthstone which introduces some interesting changes. There’s the arrival of the Naga in Battlegrounds and the launch of a new limited-time event for Mercenaries. Patch 23.2 also brings three new features.

Upgrade to Golden

With the new patch, players now have the choice of upgrading their normal cards into Golden versions. This is in addition to the ability to craft Golden versions from scratch.

Now on the matter of upgrade, the amount of Arcane Dust needed to upgrade a card is the difference between the base cost and the Golden cost. Players can get the full dust value of any of their cards they decide to upgrade.

In a statement, the development team shared that this feature is finally available and wants to see how players enjoy it. The team added that they wanted this feature to offer a smooth and convenient experience without getting in the way of the normal crafting flow.

Share Deck Codes

The second new feature introduced is players now being able to share deck codes through the in-game chat. Once players send their deck code to a friend, that friend can then copy it directly from chat to their deck builder.

According to the team, when deck codes were added, it was one of the largest conveniences made for the game. However, being able to share those deck codes was difficult so this new sharing tool should offer a better experience.

Multiple Card Backs

The third feature is players being able to Favorite multiple card backs rather than one. So for each game, players can randomly equip a card back from those they favorited. Those who still want randomness need not worry since they can still toggle their decks to use any card back.

The team shared that over the years, there have been some amazing card backs added to the game. Because of this, the team felt that they had to find a middle ground when it came to picking a card back and choosing randomly from the whole collection.

What do you think of these new features? Read more about the changes to Battlegrounds here and the new LTE for Mercenaries here. You can also check out notes for Patch 23.2 here.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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