Hearthstone: The Naga Slithers Their Way to Battlegrounds

Beware the Naga.
Beware the Naga. Blizzard

A new Battlegrounds season starts today in Hearthstone, and it sees the Rise of the Naga. That means players can expect to see the Naga available at Bob's Tavern. The Naga are spell-focused and have their own unique new keyword, Spellcraft. What this does is give Minions a temporary spell each turn which can provide a buff for the next combat.

The Naga join Battlegrounds courtesy of Patch 23.2. For the first two weeks after the patch goes live, the Naga are guaranteed in every lobby. After that, they're going to the normal rotation of minion types in any given game. You can read more about the Naga here.

New Hero

The new hero is Queen Azshara whose hero power is called Azshara’s Ambition and has this effect:

Passive. When your warband reaches 30 total Attack, begin your Naga Conquest.

When the Naga Conquest begins, Queen Azshara transforms into the Naga Queen Azshara and obtains a new Hero Power. She now has Naga Conquest which is:

[1 Gold] Discover a Naga.

New Minions

A new hero is exciting but it's always better to have new minions. Here are some of them:

  • Mini-Myrmidon
    • Tavern Tier 1, Naga
    • 1 Attack, 3 Health.
    • Spellcraft: Give a minion +2 Attack until next turn.
  • Deep-Sea Angler
    • Tavern Tier 2, Naga
    • 2 Attack, 2 Health.
    • Spellcraft: Give a minion +3 Health and Taunt until next turn.
  • Shoal Commander
    • Tavern Tier 3, Naga
    • 2 Attack, 2 Health.
    • Spellcraft: Give a minion +1/+1 for each friendly Naga until next turn.
  • Waverider
    • Tavern Tier 4, Naga
    • 2 Attack, 8 Health.
    • Spellcraft: Give a minion +1/+1 and Windfury until next turn.
  • Leeroy the Reckless
    • Tavern Tier 5
    • 6 Attack, 2 Health.
    • Deathrattle: Destroy the minion that killed this.
  • Orgozoa, the Tender
    • Tavern Tier 6
    • 5 Attack, 9 Health.
    • Spellcraft: Discover a Naga.

Other Changes

Here are the other changes arriving in Battlegrounds courtesy of the new patch:

  • Battlegrounds Ratings are reset.
  • Buddies are leaving Battlegrounds.
  • The cost to upgrade to Tavern Tier 5 has been reverted to start at 9 Gold.
  • Heroes with transforming Hero Powers can now see the next stage of their Hero Power by hovering over it.
  • Cards and Hero Powers with the text “for the next combat” or “for the next combat only” have all been updated to read “until next turn” for text space, consistency, and accuracy.
    • ​This is not a functional change.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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