Hearthstone Is Inviting You To The Masquerade Ball

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Dress up for the party.
Dress up for the party. Blizzard

Hearthstone is inviting everyone to a reception for the ages as the Scholomance Academy is going to host a Masquerade Ball. During this limited-time event, the Tavern is going to undergo a makeover and offer new content that can be unlocked weekly. Expect to see Tavern Brawls and even the return of the Dual-Class Arena. There’s also a new Hearthstone Book of Heroes solo experience.

Everything starts today, September 29, and players can recruit Elementals in Battlegrounds. This new minion type comes in the form of 16 new minions along with these four new Heroes:

  • Al’Akir the Windlord
    • Swatting Insects [Passive]
      • Start of Combat: Give your left-most minion Windfury, Divine Shield, and Taunt.
  • Chenvaala
    • Avalanche [Passive]
      • After you play 3 Elementals, reduce the cost of upgrading Bob’s Tavern by (2).
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
    • DIE, INSECTS! [Passive]
      • After you kill 20 enemy minions, get Sulfuras.
    • Sulfuras [Passive]
      • At the end of your turn, give your left and right-most minions +4/+4.
  • Rakanishu
    • Tavern Lighting [Cost 2]
      • Give a random friendly minion stats equal to your Taven Tier.

The Masquerade Ball Tavern Brawl itself is going to be on October 7. At the ball, it’s clear that everyone must be in costume. What happens is that when you play a minion during this Tavern Brawl, it’s going to turn into a minion that costs (2) more. When that minion dies, the original is not only revealed, but also re-joins the fight.

A week later on October 13, the game is going to introduce Hearthstone Book of Heroes: Rexxar. This is a new solo experience where players need to go through eight bosses to be rewarded with one Hunter Pack.

The next day, on October 14, there’s going to be the Boss Battle Royale 3 Tavern Brawl. Players get access to 10 playable bosses, each having a unique Hero Power, which include:

  • Dr. Boom
  • Mother Sharaz
  • White King
  • Cenarius
  • Baduu Prime
  • Kriziki the Winged
  • Lich Baz’hial
  • Rotwing
  • Hagatha the Vengeful
  • Illidan Stormrage

Did we mention the Dual-Class Arena? That’s right, all players get one free Arena ticket when the Dual-Class Arena makes a return. Entering the Arena during the Masquerade Ball requires players to choose a Hero first before selecting a Hero Power from a different class.

There’s also going to be Legendary Quests where players get the chance to earn nine card packs. Take note of these schedules:

  • September 29 at 1:00 PM ET
    • To do: Play Dual-Class Arena
    • Earn:
      • One Scholomance Academy Pack
      • One Ashes of Outland Pack
      • One Year of the Dragon Pack
  • October 6 at 1:00 PM ET
    • To do: Play 50 cards in any mode
    • Earn:
      • One Scholomance Academy Pack
      • One Descent of Dragons Pack
      • One Year of the Dragon Pack
  • October 13 at 1:00 PM ET
    • To do: Defeat Leoroxx in the Hearthstone Book of Heroes: Rexxar
    • Earn:
      • One Scholomance Academy Pack
      • One Saviors of Uldum Pack
      • One Year of the Dragon Pack

Learn more about the Masquerade Ball here.

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