Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy Is Officially Here

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School in here.
School in here. Blizzard

Some people may have a talent for magic, but there are also those that need to grind out their skills. Don't worry though, as the Hearthstone Scholomance Academy is now live. None other than Headmaster Kel’Thuzad is welcoming everyone to this fabled college of magic where knowledge is indeed power. Today we look at what this new expansion has to offer.

Dual Class Cards

Dual-Class cards is a new offering that features a mash-up of mechanics that are inspired by the strength of both classes. This should allow for a wide range of gameplay possibilities. With the expansion set to release 13 cards, 40 of those are going to be Dual-Class cards. In addition, each combination is also going to offer a shared Legendary minion.

New Keyword

Since this is a new expansion, there’s going to be a new keyword as well. This time the new keyword is Spellburst. This is a one-time only effect that activates once a player casts a spell. For example, if there is a Spellburst minion or weapon in play, casting a Spell activates that Spellburst effect.

Having trouble thinking how it works? Okay, take the Shifty Sophomore minion card. It’s Spellburst is to Add a Combo card to your hand. That means once you cast a spell, you get to add a Combo card to your hand.


This is another new feature that arrives with the expansion. Studies are new spells that allow players to discover a card immediately and then lower the mana cost of the next card played of that type.

Class Legendary & Launch Quests

Beginning on August 6, players get a random Scholomance Academy Legendary class card by simply logging in and then complete a chain of Legendary Quests to earn a total of six Scholomance Academy card packs.

There’s a quest arriving tomorrow, August 8, at 1:00 PM ET. Players that win three games in any mode will earn two Scholomance Academy card packs.

Year of the Phoenix

The launch of this expansion also means that the start of the second phase of the Year of the Phoenix is here. From now until the next expansion is released, players can expect some major updates that include balance patches, new Battleground Heroes and minions, a seasonal event, a Battlegrounds feature, and a new solo experience. There’s even going to be a new game mode.

These are indeed exciting times, especially for Hearthstone players and fans alike.

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