Hearthstone Introduces Tavern Spells Mechanic in Battlegrounds Season 6

Are you ready for what the new season has to offer? Blizzard

Battlegrounds Season 6 is coming to Hearthstone which means rankings are going to be reset, Anomalies removed, and Battlegrounds Track switched over. This new season though is going to introduce a new experience and it's Tavern Spells. Basically, players are going to be able to buy spells directly from the Tavern.

Tavern spells have Tavern Tiers similar to minions. The difference is that they have variable costs. In addition, they're going to have a new frame which not only shows the Tavern Tier but also the cost. Players can look forward to a total of 42 new Tavern spells which are spread out across all six Tavern Tiers. You can check out the list of new Tavern spells here.

Each time the Tavern is refreshed, players get offered a Tavern spell of their current tier or lower. This is in addition to the number of minions offered for the particular Tavern Tier. Once a Tavern spell is purchased, it's added to the hand and can be used whenever.

New Heroes

It's not just new Tavern spells players can be excited about with this new season. There are new heroes added to the roster and they are:

  • Snake Eyes
    • Lucky Roll
      • [1 Gold] Roll a 6-sided die. Gain that much Gold. (Cannot be used again for that many turns!)
  • Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher
    • Reliquary Research
      • [Passive] Every third Tavern spell you buy costs (0).
  • Doctor Holli'dae
    • Blessing of the Nine Frogs
      • [1 Gold] Get a random Tavern spell.

New Minions with New Synergies

The new season is bustling with the addition of 32 all new minions. Some of these even have special synergies with spells. Meanwhile, the Undead minion type also continues to explore the power of death and can now destroy minions during the Recruit phase. Make sure to use these effects to get those immediate bursts of power and warband updates that last from turn to turn.

New Battlegrounds Track

The Season 6 Battlegrounds Track, along with the Season Pass, features 40 levels of rewards. These include 4 Legendary Hero Skins, 9 Epic Hero Skins, 6 Rare Hero Skins, 8 Epic Emotes, 6 Rare Emotes, an Epic Bartender, and a Legendary Strike. It's sure going to be another interesting season especially with these rewards.

Are you ready for the new season? Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game available for the PC and mobile platforms through Android and iOS.

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