ShuiMoo Sweeps OmegaZero in Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran

A new champion is crowned.
A new champion is crowned. Blizzard

The Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran became what could be described as the Chinese Masters Tour. That’s because the Final was between Wang “ShuiMoo” Qihao and Lin “OmegaZero” Zheng. While there was an expectation of a long match, it wasn't the case as ShuiMoo got a clean sweep against OmegaZero.

As the Masters Tour Dalaran champion, ShuiMoo gets to take home $25,000 in prize money.

With three Chinese players on the Quarterfinal, there was indeed a possibility of them dominating the Masters Tour. That became apparent in the Semifinal when ShuiMoo and OmegaZero were joined by Gao “RNGLeaoh” Yang. The only non-Chinese player was Europe’s Franjo “reqvam” Blažević.


In the match between RNGLeaoh and OmegaZero, it was the latter who took the first game with a Demon Hunter deck. However, it would be OmegaZero all the way to the fourth game.

Initially, it appeared that ShuiMoo had the advantage after winning the first two games. But Reqvam wouldn’t give in easily and tied the series for a deciding fifth game. In the end, though, ShuiMoo was the one who moved forward to the Final.


Based on their previous performances, fans were hoping for a long series. However, ShuiMoo would make short work of OmegaZero and end the match rather quickly. For the Final, ShuiMoo’s decks were Warrior, Demon Hunter, and Rogue.

In a statement, Hearthstone caster Alex “Raven” Baguley shared that ShuiMoo won the Final “in such a quick fashion, and such a convincing fashion.” He added that this left little doubt that ShuiMoo was indeed the best player of the tournament.

Remaining Masters Tours

With Dalaran over, three more Masters Tours remaining which are:

  • Masters Tour Silvermoon
    • August 27 to 29
    • Qualifying Period: June 3 to July 18
    • Ladder: June and July
  • Masters Tour Stormwind
    • October 22 to 24
    • Qualifying Period: July 22 to September 5
    • Ladder: August and September
  • Masters Tour Undercity
    • November 19 to 21
    • Qualifying Period: September 9 to October 31
    • Ladder: October

In addition to the Masters Tours, there’s also Season 2 of Grandmasters and then the World Championship. Blizzard is set to announce full details of Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 in the coming weeks.

What’s your favorite moment of the Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran?

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