Hearthstone Introduces Big Changes to Battlegrounds

New content and fundamental changes.
New content and fundamental changes. Blizzard

An update dropped to Hearthstone and it looked to be the biggest one for Battlegrounds. It has added 37 minions and two new Heroes. But the update removed some minions too. The new update also introduced a new keyword.

In addition to the new content, there are fundamental changes made as well. For example, until a player dies the damage is now capped at 15. That means no player takes more than 15 damage from combat until the first player dies or is disconnected.

Another change that players can expect is the increase in the turn timers. For turns three to nine, the length has been increased by five seconds. This is to ensure that all players have enough time to become familiar with the new content.

So what else does the new update change? Players who have Battlegrounds Perks have a higher chance of being offered new Heroes during the two-week early access period, which is usually after the initial announcement.

New Keyword

A new specific keyword to Battlegrounds is introduced and is called “Avenge.” What this does is give an effect after a certain number of friendly minions die. Take a look at the card below:

Time to Avenge!
Time to Avenge! Blizzard

As the card says, Bird Buddy gives your Beasts +1/+1 when one friendly minion dies.

New Heroes

  • Master Nguyen
    • Power of the Storm [Passive]
    • At the start of every turn, choose from 2 new Hero Powers
  • Cariel Roame
    • Conviction (Rank 1)
      • Give a random friendly minion +1/+1 (Upgrades at Tavern Tier 3)
    • Conviction (Rank 2)
      • Give three random friendly minions +1/+1 (Upgrades at Tavern Tier 5)
    • Conviction (Rank 3)
      • Give five random friendly minions +1/+1

New Minions

  • Beasts
    • Leapfrogger
    • Sewer Rat
    • Bird Buddy
    • Reanimating Rattler
    • Palescale Crocolisk
  • Demons
    • Impulsive Trickster
    • Icky Imp
    • Impatient Doomsayer
    • Kathra'natir
    • Insatiable Ur'zul
    • Famished Felbat
  • Mechs
    • Pupbot
    • Mechano-Tank
    • Grease Bot
    • Holy Mecherel
    • Omega Buster
  • Murlocs
    • Saltscale Honcho
    • Swolefin
    • SI:Sefin
    • Seafood Slinger
  • Dragons
    • Evolving Chromawing
    • Whelp Smuggler
    • Tarecgosa
    • Prized Promo-Drake
    • Prestor's Pyrospawn
  • Pirates
    • Defiant Shipwright
    • Briny Bootlegger
    • Peggy Brittlebone
    • Tony Two-Tusk
    • Nosy Looter
  • Elementals
    • Smogger
    • Dazzling Lightspawn
    • Recycling Wraith
    • Master of Realities
  • Quilboar
    • Gemsplitter
  • Neutral
    • Budding Greenthumb
    • Witchwing Nestmatron

Learn more about the new minions and what minions have been removed here.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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