Heart of Irons IV November 24 Patch Brings a Ton of Balancing Changes

Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.12.3
Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.12.3 Steam

Heart of Irons IV received a ton of changes thanks to a patch released today. The November 24 patch brings balancing tweaks to almost every aspect of the game. Both the UI and AI of the game have been touched upon as well. Combine that with multiple bug fixes and you have got one hell of an update.

From now on Imperial Associates can become the spymaster of their faction. THe CP cost of the air supply mission was reduced by 75% and the Romanian air section received White Squadron as a new focus. Military Governor has replaced Civilian Oversight as the Default occupation law. More balancing tweaks can be read below.

  • India now has access to a new focus and series of lengthy decisions which allow the offset of the Agrarian Society national spirit
  • Two new one-use war support decisions added, which simulate the effects of radio and film industry propaganda
  • Default occupation law is now set to Military Governor, from Civilian Oversight
  • AI is somewhat less likely to blow the suez canal without reasons
  • Italian "Air Innovations" focus now grants a 50% research bonus, from 75%
  • Italian focus "Reggianes Exports" now grants 1x 50% bonus, from 2x 75%
  • Italian focus "Standardization" now provides 1x 75% research bonus, from 2x 75%
  • Italian focus "specialization" now grants 2x 50% research bonuses, from 3x 50%
  • Italian focus "Incrociatori Leggeri" now provides 2x interdiction cost reductions, from 3
  • Italian focus "thermojet research" has been made less powerful
  • Czech focus "War College" now grants -100% Field Officer Promotion Penalty
  • Czech focus "Air is Our Sea" now grants -15% fighter production cost, from -10%
  • Czech focus "Equal Access Guarantee" no longer reduces heavy tank production cost, but reduces light tank production cost by 15%, from 5%
  • Czech Hungarian Line and Polish Line focuses now take 35 days to complete, from 70
  • Indian focus "Navy Funding" now provides 50 naval xp, from 20
  • Indian focus "British Army Support" now grants 2 uses of the 100% research bonus for support technology from 1 use, and 30 army experience, from 20
  • Indian focus "Lions of the Great War" now provides 30 army experience. The spirit granted by this focus now also provides 5% war support
  • approximately 2 million people have been returned to Mozambique
  • Romanian focus "Air Superiority" now grants 2x 50% cost reduction bonuses, from 2x 25%
  • Romanian focus "The Armored Division" now grants 2 armored units, from 1
  • Warscore from taking a province for the first time increased by 50%
  • Garrison Manpower lost per resistance attack reduced slightly
  • Small Bomb Bay now has -15 agility, from -20. Bomb Locks now have -20 agility from -15
  • Non-strategic materials module now decreases production cost of airframes by 7.5%
  • Slightly reduced manpower requirements again for lower tier occupation laws
  • The USA now has a significant peace cost reduction for puppeting Japan

You can read the complete changelog of the Heart of Irons IV November 24 Patch via Steam.

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