Hearts of Iron IV: Patch 1.12.6 Brings Beta Improvements to Hungarian Focus Tree

Patch 1.12.6 Beta
Patch 1.12.6 Beta Twitter/@HOI_Game

Paradox Development Studio has put up a new beta update for Hearts of Iron IV. In addition to gameplay and balancing changes, Patch 1.12.6 adds adjustments for some countries with older content.

The Hungarian focus tree received some notable adjustments in Patch 1.12.6. First, Support Urbanization not only grants players three additional building slots but also gives one civilian factory. Furthermore, the Institute for Industrial Techniques now only requires either Support Domestic Industry or Support Urbanization, not both.

Aside from that, the Hungarian national spirit given by the “Invite Foreign Investors” focus node now grants a 10% increase in research speed, in addition to its previous effects like the 10% increase in construction speed for both infrastructure and civilian factories.

Here are the other significant changes made in this update:

  • India now has access to a new focus and series of lengthy decisions which allow the offset of the Agrarian Society national spirit
  • Imperial Associates can now become spymaster of their faction
  • Two new one-use war support decisions added, which simulate the effects of radio and film industry propaganda
  • One new focus added to Romanian air section: White Squadron
  • Default occupation law is now set to Military Governor, from Civilian Oversight
  • AI is somewhat less likely to blow the suez canal without reasons
  • Soviet NKVD advisors are no longer omniscient beings - enemy spy detection chance reduced to 0.2% base from 5% base
  • Italian "Air Innovations" focus now grants a 50% research bonus, from 75%
  • Italian focus "Reggianes Exports" now grants 1x 50% bonus, from 2x 75%
  • Italian Focus "Citta del Aria" now grants 4x 25% bonuses, from 3x 75% research bonuses
  • Italian focus "Standardization" now provides 1x 75% research bonus, from 2x 75%
  • Italian focus "Specialization" now grants 2x 50% research bonuses, from 3x 50%
  • Italian Cruiser Sub and Midget Sub focuses now grant 1x 50% cost reductions, from 2x 75% cost reductions
  • Italian focus "Redirect Alfa Romeo production" now grants 2x50% research bonuses for light aircraft, from 2x 75%
  • Italian focus "Thermojet Research" has been made less powerful
  • AI will now pick somewhat more interesting military spirits
  • Gave the AI an extra layer of though process behind taking states in peace conferences. Added several key areas of interest, and reduced their general interest elsewhere
  • Italy can no longer claim territory or the subjugation through decisions of a Balkan country if they are in the same faction
  • Prevent CTD for observer when someone hotjoins
  • World Threat will now correctly build and decay from the fabrication of claims
  • Former Presidents of the Swiss Confederation are now available as Councilors again after 1950

The full changelog can be found here.

Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.12.6 Beta is available on PC.

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