Have a Nice Death Now Out of Early Access; Launch Update Introduces Eighth Department and More

Have a Nice Death
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Folks at Magic Design Studios have officially launched the 2D action roguelike Have a Nice Death. The game is out of early access and now available on both Nintendo Switch and PC.

New Content

Full Launch Update
Full Launch Update Magic Design Studios

Have a Nice Death’s launch update is filled with fun new content that you can explore to your heart’s content. Death Incorporated now has eight darkly charming, procedurally-generated departments, with the Inevitable Time Department being the latest. Here, you’ll face five new enemies, including Destinatus, Pendulus, Tempus, Dustin, and Kookoo. Of course, as the name of the department implies, you’ll inevitably face the boss of this new world: Time. Do you have what it takes to let Time know who the real boss is?

To keep the employees in the Inevitable Time Department in check, use these new weapons at your disposal:

  • 3 new spells: Nihillaser, AnvilLauch, Void rift.
  • 3 new cloaks: Vampire battery, Beaststell, Excavore.
  • More than 30 new curses:
    • Some new curses make your INFUSE evolve; for instance: Burn will now trigger an explosion at the end of the duration.

New Features

Full Launch Update
Full Launch Update Magic Design Studios

The full launch update will not be complete without new features. One of the most significant is that you’ll now know the progress of your ongoing contract via a message insight that pops up while entering the Death Office (lobby) or breakroom.

Additionally, there’s a new option in Have a Nice Death where you can hide damage numbers. This is a good way of decluttering the screen, especially when you’re facing multiple enemies at once. And, for all completionists out there, the game finally has achievements!

Here are the other notable things included in this full launch update:

  • Temporal platforms in World 8 (Inevitable Time Department)
  • Spectral Coverage: Negate the next attack the player receives.
  • Remove Ibuprofane pick-up: We felt the intent of the pickup wasnt interesting enough and preferred to remove it
  • Quantum Soulary: Gives the player Soulary if he manages to reach the elevator without getting hit
  • New food items: Artichoke - Raspberry Jello - Collecting soulary have a chance to heal the player
  • Added mysterious lockers to open
  • More than 600 new lines of dialogs
  • New storyline quests: The strike, Air conditioning conflict, It’s pretzel day and more.
  • New worker guide entries
  • Change price of forge upgrade
  • 50 / 100 / 150 to 50 > 125 > 250
  • We felt like it was way too quick to completely upgrade a weapon
  • Increase price of Legendary Weapon from 30 soulary to 50 soulary
  • Increase price of Curse in shop from 50 to 75 soulary
  • Change the health value and attack damage of several enemies:
  • Natural Disasters department:
  • Rockster: 230 > 175 HP / Damage from 20 > 15
  • Magmaboy–X8: 1,500 > 1,200 HP
  • Flambush: 800 > 600 HP / Damage from 30 > 20
  • Sparky: 150 > 120 HP / Damage from 25 > 20
  • Drowned: 275 > 250 HP
  • Tempestilent: 325 > 250 HP

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Have a Nice Death is available on Nintendo Switch and PC for $24.99.

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