Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Goes Back To Hogwarts In Upcoming Brilliant Event

New Brilliant Event coming soon.
New Brilliant Event coming soon. Niantic

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going back to Hogwarts with its next Brilliant Event. For two weeks, the Ministry of Magic needs your help as an unusually high number of Foundables related to Hogwarts have been reported.

This is the third Brilliant Event that has been released for the game. The first was Fantastic Flora and Fauna, which lasted for a week. The second was the Calamity Brilliant Event, which was mainly related to Harry Potter and lasted for two weeks.

Like the previous Brilliant Event, this new one last two weeks. It's schedule is as follows:

  • August 13 to August 20
  • August 27 to September 3

The new Brilliant Event features unique Registry Pages, new Brilliant Foundables, and Special Assignments that uncover rewards such as Restricted Section Books and exclusive items for your Ministry ID Portrait. Each week, you get access to different tasks and Registry pages to complete, so make sure you’re ready for both.

Brilliant Events Basics

For those not familiar, Brilliant Events are limited-time events that feature a unique Registry Page, Brilliant Foundables, and Special Assignments. The objective is to complete Special Assignments and return Brilliant Foundables before the event ends. By doing so, players receive exclusive rewards for their brilliant achievements.

During the event, players encounter Brilliant Traces in nearby surroundings. Players can detect Brilliant Traces by their distinctive purple aura and the beam of light that runs through them. The Brilliant Trace reveals a Brilliant Foundable and the Confoundable surrounding it. Brilliant Foundables are rare objects, people, and creatures from the wizarding world that are typically not found on the Map, except during an event.

Players can also encounter Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus, which when unlocked allow players to collect Brilliant Foundable fragments, among others.

Players can track their progress in the Events section of the Registry. During the event, players also get the chance to perform Special Assignments. Unlike Daily Tasks, Special Assignments do not reset each day. During the event, there are a limited number of tasks that need to be completed before they expire.

Players need to claim rewards before the Brilliant Event expires since unclaimed items are not going to arrive in your account after the event ends.

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