Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launches Brilliant Events

Happy Potter: Wizards Unite launches Brilliant Events.
Happy Potter: Wizards Unite launches Brilliant Events. Nianitc

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite officially launched its limited-time event called Brilliant Events. This new event features a unique Registry Page, new Brilliant Foundables, and Special Assignments. The goal is simple: return the Brilliant Foundables and complete the Special Assignments all before the event ends.

So what does Brillliants Events have in store for players?

Let's start with how to find Brilliant Foundables. All players need to do is go and explore for Brilliant Traces. Brilliant Traces are differentiated from the others by the purple aura and the beam of light that goes through them.

Purple Brilliant Trace
Purple Brilliant Trace Niantic

Tapping a Brilliant Trace reveals a Brilliant Foundable and the Confoundable that surrounds it. Returning more and more Brilliant Foundables earns players Family XP in order to increase Family ranks and even unlock Treasure Trunks. Inside these Treasure Trunks are Brilliant Runestones that players can use at Fortresses that can even lead to other Brilliant Foundables. The Registry reward players receive is determined by the type of Brilliant Runestone used.

Within the time of the event, players are also likely to see a number of Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus on the map. Opening them rewards players with potion ingredients, Family XP, Wizard XP, and hopefully, Brilliant Foundable fragments.

As mentioned earlier, the event also brings with it Special Assignments. These are event tasks that are provided by the Ministry for this special event. Compared to the Daily Tasks, these do not reset. However, they need to be completed before the event expires. To know what tasks are needed to be done, just tap the Assignments button then the Events button.

Brilliant Events Special Assignments
Brilliant Events Special Assignments Niantic

Tasks may require players to return a specific number of Brilliant Foundables, or something as simple as collecting food from an Inn. Rewards are received for completing individual tasks with additional rewards received for completing all the tasks.

In order to track their progress, players can simply go the Events section in the Registry. Here, players can see what Brilliant Foundables have already been retrieved and what ones are currently missing.

The event started on July 3 and ends July 10. To know more details about the event, you can visit here.

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