Halo: Master Chief Collection Campaign Cross-Play Not Likely

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Developers have achieved an impressive feat of releasing six Halo games for PC within a year. Almost all major Halo games are playable on the master race except for Halo 5, which honestly, we can do without anyway. Halo Master Chief Collection may be complete on PC. But that's not how 343 Industries will end post-launch support.

Halo 4 update not only brought us the final game but tons of cool features as well. It added cross-play support, Forge mode, and Firefight mode. However, the Cross-play feature doesn’t work for Campaign levels.

343's Dana Jerpback said in the November MCC Development Update that some features to a 20-year-old game are downright impossible or not worth the effort.

“Campaign game modes are not currently supported for crossplay, but it is something the team is interested in and will continue to investigate potential ways to make that happen,” Jerpback said in the Postums .

“But this is by no means a confirmation that it could happen. Digging into the code we have found some things that just cannot be done with current architecture of these games that are nearly 20 years old. But even that said, we tend to look down the rabbit holes to see if we can.”

343 Industries also talked about the possibility of a co-op campaign for the first two Halo games. Though, it is a tall order. Developers revealed that they have to bring tons of other features to the MCC to make it work. Also, co-op support for the two games is not exactly a priority. Yet they confirmed that if the Halo modding community brings the feature, then they'll be okay with that. In other news, 343 Industries is currently working on the next Halo game. It may go live sometime in 2021.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in Halo: Master Chief Collection? Have you played any of the six games on PC recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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