Halo Infinite: Winter Update Features the Highly Anticipated Forge Mode

Forge Mode Beta
Forge Mode Beta 343 Industries

Forge Mode, one of the most highly anticipated features of Halo Infinite, has finally arrived in the recently released Winter Update.

What is Forge Mode?

For those who are new to the Halo franchise, Forge Mode allows you to create maps from the many assets available in the game. You can try out the maps created by other people through the Community Tab as well.

While it still has a “beta” tag on it, developer 343 Industries assures cartographers that they have all the things they need to craft amazing maps for Halo Infinite. Forge Mode is currently in beta for the simple reason that the company plans to apply more polish and bug fixes in the foreseeable future.

Forge Mode can be pretty daunting to use, especially for beginners. Fortunately, the company has created a video tutorial to help you get started.

New Maps

Aside from the arrival of Forge Mode, the Winter Update brings two new multiplayer maps as well. Argyle is a symmetrical map set within the narrow corridors of the UNSC vessel. What’s great about this is that it is actually built entirely within Forge, giving you a really good picture of what you can come up with using it.

Next is Detachment - a new symmetrical arena map also built using Forge. There are both indoor and outdoor locations on this map, giving you a variety of ways to defeat your enemies.

Campaign Mission Replay

Do you have a favorite campaign in Halo Infinite that you want to replay so badly? Well, that’s possible now thanks to a new feature introduced in the Winter Update.

To replay a mission, the first thing that you have to do is load up one of your save files. Then, open the TacMap and locate the mission or event that you want to replay, and put the TacMap’s cursor on the objective’s icon.

Use the shortcut listed at the bottom to open the icon’s Mission Options menu. From there, choose “Replay Mission” and select your preferred difficulty level. Once you’re done, press the Play button and you can relive that mission again as if it was your first time clearing it.

Take note that the new progress made when replaying a mission will be carried over to the current save permanently. So, if you’ve missed something the first time around, this is the perfect way to go back and get it.

Halo Infinite Winter Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

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