Halo Infinite: Super Fiesta Now Live as Arena Game Mode in Latest Update

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A big new update for Halo Infinite has landed. This patch makes Super Fiesta a permanent arena game mode in custom games and the Fiesta matchmaking playlist.

Super Fiesta in Halo Infinite is similar to Fiesta mode where you always respawn with a random loadout. But in the former, all possible weapons given to you when you respawn are replaced by variants originally found in the main campaign, such as the Arcane Sentinel Beam, Stalker Rifle Ultra, and MA40 Longshot, among others.

Aside from that, there are two things you need to know about Super Fiesta. First, the loadouts now contain a random piece of fully upgraded equipment from the Halo Infinite campaign. These are:

  • Grappleshot: Delivers a shockwave blast when holding down melee while grappling.
  • Threat Sensor: Increased area and uninterrupted enemy visibility.
  • Drop Wall: Increased size and strength. Electrifies projectiles through the Drop Wall.
  • Thruster: Active Camouflage effect is added to the player, lasting 4 seconds after activating the Thruster.

Second, weapon racks, equipment pads, and power weapon pads are disabled in Super Fiesta matches. This means that you cannot find other weapons during the match, so you have to make do with the loadout provided to you when you respawn.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

The latest update for Halo Infinite includes quality-of-life improvements as well. For one, an FPS counter is now available on Xbox. Enabling this feature will display a small box at the top-right corner of the screen that tells you the current number of frames per second.

Another improvement worth mentioning is that the number of playlists displayed under the multiplayer menu has increased from five to 10. This allows you to see more matches you could join at a glance before having to scroll down the menu.

Bug Fixes


  • There is now a reduced chance of the Season 3 cinematics replaying on every launch of Halo Infinite.
  • Halo Infinite will no longer crash on launch when attempting to play on a PC that is below the minimum specifications. This was an unintended bug that caused the game to crash before showing the below minimum specification warning message.
    • Players can once again choose to continue past this warning message, but the expected functionality and visual experience are not guaranteed.
  • When using the Bumper Jumper control scheme, players are now able to fire their vehicle's weapons while holding down the Switch Seat button. This applies to the following vehicles:
    • Wasp
    • Banshee
    • Ghost
    • Brute Chopper
    • Shade Turret


  • Power Weapons and Equipment will now respawn immediately after the on-screen timer above the Weapon or Equipment Pad has reached 0.

Observer Mode

  • While in Observer mode, the team positions on the scoreboard will now remain the same when swapping between players on opposing teams.
  • On-screen damage indicators will no longer appear when swapping between players in Observer mode.
  • When playing as an Observer on PC, players are now able to display the Stat Board after pressing the default input.
  • While in Observer mode, in-game actions that are mapped to certain buttons will no longer occur while typing a message in text-chat.

So, what can you say about Super Fiesta being a permanent in Halo Infinite?

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