Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within Now Live

New season is here.
New season is here. 343 Industries

The new season of Halo Infinite is finally here. Season 3: Echoes Within introduces new content to the game and it’s vast, which include new maps, modes, and armor cores. Players can also look forward to a new 100-tier Premium Battle Pass that never expires.

The Story Continues

So, let's unpack starting with new narrative events. Back in Season 2, the Spartan Academy received some unexpected guests. The Spartan Sigrid Eklund came out of a commandeered Phantom bringing an unconscious Hieu Dinh. Hieu Dinh had his life jeopardized by the Banished AI called Iratus that resided within his neural interface.

Season 3 picks up from here and starts with the Mindfall event. This one looks into a pivotal moment from the past of Spartan Dinh as Iratus plunders his mind. Mindfall runs from March 7 to March 21 and brings a free 10-tier Event Pass containing a wide range of cosmetics to outfit the new MIRAGE IIC Armor Core, along with new cinematics.

By the way, this is the first of two narrative-focused events. The story concludes with Site Unseen from May 2 to May 16.

New Maps

Season 3 introduces these new maps:

  • Oasis
    • An all-new BTB map that's a perfect mosh pit for vehicular combat and big team mayhem.
  • Cliffhanger
    • An asymmetric Arena map set on an ONI black site overlooking a vast mountain range.
    • Features varied elevation and tight indoor spaces.
  • Chasm
    • An Arena map set within the cavernous substructures of Zeta Halo.

New Mode

The new mode is called Escalation Slayer where players progress through a list of weapon and equipment loadouts as they score kills. With each elimination, players advance to a new loadout which eventually culminates in a final challenge and that is to get a kill with the Oddball.

There are two variants:

  • Team Escalation
    • Progresses all players on a team through the loadout list together.
    • Kills are summed across the team, so everyone’s effort counts.
  • FFA Escalation
    • It's every Spartan for themselves.

New Armor Cores

    • Based on the fabled SPI armor of previous Spartan generations, it provides a sleek and stalwart solution to any danger the galaxy throws at you.
    • Offers a unique vision of a potentially dangerous digital future where artificial minds and augmented bodies become one.

Halo Infinite was released in 2021 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It's the sixth mainline entry in the Halo franchise.

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