Total War: Three Kingdoms Patch Notes: Update 1.2.0 Introduces Four New Units

Patch 1.2.0 released.
Patch 1.2.0 released. Creative Assembly

Total War: Three Kingdoms has released patch 1.2.0, which introduces four new units to the game. In addition to the patch, the Eight Princes DLC is now available along with the Dynasty Mode.

The four new units are:

  • Cataphracts
    • Available to Vanguards
    • Require the Shock Warfare technology
  • Heavy Cataphracts
    • Available to level 6+ Vanguards
    • Require the Barded Mounts technology
  • Mounted Crossbows
    • Available to Strategists
    • Require the Divine Manipulation of Threads technology
  • Heavy Mounted Archers
    • Available to all level 6+ characters
    • Require the Swiftness is the Key in War technology

The patch also adds 17 new armor variations for generic generals. These can be generated by buildings in the main campaign as well as being gained by characters.

In relation to the update, the team at Total War: Three Kingdoms revealed that they found a softlock issue with the “A New Contender Emerges” prompt in the 1.1.1 beta. As a result, they decided to hold back the full release until it could be fixed. In addition, all improvements and additions from the 1.1.1 beta have been rolled into update 1.2.0. These include:

  • We’ve added the ability view the family trees for all factions. This feature is accessible from the Family Tree tab, where you’ll find a new menu on the right-hand side
    • Use this feature to work out where to disrupt an inheritance line, check on which factions have marital bonds, or keep an eye on your adopted spy
    • Please note that, as per their playstyle, Yellow Turbans don’t have family trees
  • Satisfaction now has more importance. Your court having an overall high or low satisfaction now results in the following faction-wide bonuses or debuffs:
    • High Satisfaction overall: Lower corruption and more supplies
    • Low Satisfaction overall: Slower XP gain, less military supplies, and higher corruption
    • You’ll find your overall satisfaction level in the top left-hand corner, underneath the court and diplomacy icons
  • The gender of newborn babies is now accurately weighted to 50/50
    • This should make it easier to continue family lines and to organise marriages in the mid to late game
  • You can now arrange marriage for any single members of your court
    • This costs 4,000 gold each time and can be performed on any court members, family or not
  • There will now be more historical and fewer random characters spawning into the world
  • We’ve made some visual improvements to Sun Ren and Zheng Jiang’s face models

You can read the full details of Patch 1.2.0 here.

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