Hack-And-Slash VR Game Until You Fall To Get A PSVR Release This Fall

First released in Early Access on PC VR devices.
Schell Games' roguelite VR title Until You Fall will see a PSVR release this fall.
Schell Games' roguelite VR title Until You Fall will see a PSVR release this fall. Schell Games

Developer Schell Games has just announced that their virtual reality hack-and-slash roguelite Until You Fall will be coming very soon to PlayStation VR. Set to launch this Fall, Until You Fall was first released for Steam Early Access in August 2019 for the HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality devices, with plans of releasing version 1.0 this year. It seems like the date is getting nearer and nearer since we already have a console launch date in the works.


For those who are out of the loop, Until You Fall is a hack-and-slash VR game that puts players in the role of a Rune Knight – a master of melee combat. Roaming the corrupted lands of Rokar are dangerous and vile creatures, and it is up to you to stop them in their tracks. Players will be able to choose from the diverse array of weapons and abilities to adapt to the different skills that their enemies have up their sleeves. Schell Games has prioritized making the weapons feel unique and present a different approach and playstyle for their usage. For example, weapons have different weights, damage outputs, and special abilities called supers, which allows players “the ultimate form of self-expression through their unique play styles”.

Until You Fall has also tailored weapon and combat interactions in what they call “Supercharged VR Interactions,” which allows for a more immersive experience. An example of this is when players block and repell attacks. This requires precise positioning. Large swings of your weapons deals the most damage to your opponents, making combat feel like you're a movie star in an action flick. Finally, it is important to note that Until You Fall is a roguelite – a genre known for its challenging and often luck-affected aspect. Players go through a gauntlet of encounters, kill enemies, then claim their rewards. Through these rewards, players can add upgrades to their skillsets and proceed to face even stronger enemies. Harder enemies means better rewards in the form of Aether, an in-game currency used to unlock weapons.

Until You Fall is set to release for the PlayStation VR this fall.

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