Gwent Iron Judgment Expansion Release Date Confirmed For October

Iron Judgement expansion almost here.
Iron Judgement expansion almost here. CD Projekt Red

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is set to release its latest expansion, Iron Judgment, this October 2. This is the third expansion of the game and was officially announced during the Gwent Challenger #5 of the Gwent Masters.

The new expansion marks the return of King Radovid V and his personal brand of justice. His justice is the kind that is handed by fire and iron. You can choose to support him or go against him. No matter which way you go, expect to be part of some of the fiercest battles in the history of Gwent. The expansion also lets you relive some of the biggest battles in Witcher lore like the Battle of Brenna.

Iron Judgment is also set to introduce at least 80 cards to the game which improves all of the factions present in Gwent. Overall, expect to reinforce you decks with elite warriors from all six factions along with 21 neutral cards. The expansion also offers players a new set of tools that they can use in battle. New as well are some of the abilities, keywords, and even armor-based mechanics.

Before the official release of the expansion, players can take advantage of pre-order offers. The Iron Judgement Pre-order Pack has 25 Iron Judgement Premium Kegs, each featuring expansion-only animated cards. It also has an Iron Judgement-themed game board as well as an animated card back. Finally the pre-order pack also has the Radovid, Protector of the North leader skin. The Iron Judgement Pre-Order Pack is available to the PC for $49.99

Gwent also added the Iron Judgment Extra Pack as an additional pre-order option. The pack contains 15 Iron Judgment kegs and an Alternative Iron Judgment Cardback. This pack is available for $19.99.

Iron Judgment is scheduled to be released to the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One. The expansion is going to be released in the form of a free content update.

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