Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Master Mirror Expansion Now Live, 7.0 Patch Notes Here

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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The Witcher 3 inspired multiplayer card game Gwent just received its highly anticipated Master Mirror expansion. The expansion is related to the mysterious character Gaunter O'Dimm from The Witcher 3. The update not only brings over 70 new cards, but it also makes tons of quality of life changes.

The update renames the normal ‘Classic Mode’ to ‘Standard Mode’. The Play Menu has been completely redesigned, and different game modes will be easily distinguished. Every game mode will have a description, which will definitely help new players. The Reward Book for Year of the Wererat is getting two new trees that were added with the Master Mirror expansion. The Reset keyword has been completely removed from the game and the ‘Spying’ keyword on cards is now changed to ‘Disloyal’.

Highlights of the Update are mentioned below, you can read the complete patch notes over here.

Gwent Update 7.0 Patch Notes


  • The normal multiplayer 'Classic mode' is now renamed to 'Standard Mode'.
  • The studio's developer's pets are now mentioned in the Credits.

New Features:

  1. The Play Menu has been redesigned to improve the understandability of the different game modes, and brings with it numerous other new features and enhancements to the user experience.
    • A description is shown for each game mode.
    • The player's ranked progression is shown with current progression of the rank's mosaic art.
    • The currently active season is shown under the game mode title, with a countdown to the end of the season. During a season transition, a countdown is shown for when the next season will start.
    • For Pro Rank players, a granular breakdown of MMR statistics is shown for the faction of the currently selected deck.
  2. Two new trees related to Master Mirror expansion added to Reward Book on Year of the Wererat page.
  3. New contracts for playing with mechanics introduced in Master Mirror expansion.


  • Reset keyword is now removed from the game.
  • New keyword: Disloyal - "This card is played on the opposite side of the battlefield."
  • New description for keyword Spying - "Status given to a unit Spawned, played or moved to the opposite side of the battlefield."
  • Cards with "Spying" are now "Disloyal".
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