Gwent Android Pre-Registration Now Open, Release Date Confirmed

Finally coming to Android.
Finally coming to Android. CD PROJEKT RED

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is finally getting a release for Android this March 24. Players can go to Google Play right now and pre-register. Doing so gives them the unique Imperial Golem avatar. This item is going to be added to the collection immediately once the game is installed and the player has logged into the game.

The Android version adapts the game to the portable format with the controls reimagined to allow for touch interfaces. That's not all, as Gwent allows cross-play. This means that Android gamers can go against those who play on the PC or on iOS devices. They can even share progress across devices through their account.

Gwent lets players go against their friends in fast-paced duels. This turn-based card game has two players take on each other using a deck of at least twenty-five cards. The game isn't just about deck construction, as players need to make decisions on the fly while also doing their best to fool their opponents with bluffs. Each deck focuses on a faction. These factions offer different play styles and each faction has different leaders that have individual abilities.

The game is free to play with no strings attached. It offers a fun and fair progression system, which means that building a competitive deck can be fun without having to drop a lot of money. Still, it's always good to remember that in the end, skill beats luck. Whether it's brute strength or clever plays, Gwent has enough round-based gameplay for players to come up with different strategies. Players begin with 10 cards in their hand and can play them right from the start. These give them the choice of starting with their strongest unit or make the decision to play it a little later.

While the game is easily satisfying, it's anything but easy. Players can use cards in two distinct rows, ranged and melee. The player that gets more points than their opponent wins the round, and winning two out of three rounds gets the victory.

In addition to gameplay, Gwent offers magnificent hand-drawn art along with charming visual effects. In a word, it's stunning all across the board. This makes the game not only fun and exciting to play, but also enjoyable to watch.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is already available for the PC and released for iOS in October of last year.

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