Gunfire Reborn: Latest Update Brings Ascension and Monster Adjustments

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The first-person shooter RPG Gunfire Reborn got a pretty interesting update recently which brought some adjustments to Ascensions and monsters.

Before anything, Ascensions in Gunfire Reborn are buffs unique to each hero in the game. That said, some Ascension values have been adjusted in the latest update.

The Crown Prince’s Hex Smoke has been improved. The damage dealt by the enemy is reduced to 40%/50%/60%, while the damage they receive has been increased to 20%/40%/60%. Besides that, the Level 3 “Electrodominance” ascension of the said hero has a new effect where 120% weapon damage is dealt against enemies affected by the Shock effect.

Additionally, the Tao’s Ammo Extractor ascension has a new effect. It not only restores 50%/75%/100% of ammo in the magazine after each kill but it does +40%/50%/100% weapon damage on subsequent shots based on the amount of ammo recovered as well.

For monster changes, a new enhancement affix has been introduced called Cloning. When a monster that has this affix is eliminated, two cloned monsters will spawn in its place.

Here are the other changes implemented in the latest patch:


Ao Bai
  • Golden Comeback
    • NEW: During the Dual-Wield, recover to 30%/40%/50% of Max HP when taking first 2/3/4 lethal damage, and immune to damage for 1 second. (Lv3) When all charges are used, recover to 1 charge after 4 seconds
Qing Yan
  • All or Nothing
    • Leap DMG Increased by per consumed Armor increased to 1.2%
  • Steel Armor Level 3
    • Duration increased to 3 seconds
  • Easy Kill
    • Now the bonus is effective on the enemies slain before acquiring the ascension
Lei Luo
  • Super Charge
    • Shield recovered for each [Chain Lightning] hit increased to 6/8/10
  • Heart of Battle
    • NEW: Reduces remaining cooldown of [Fatal Current] by 0.5/1/1.5 seconds every time you kill an enemy; (Lv3) It also applied to the duration of [Fatal Current]
  • Thunderbolt Converter
    • NEW: New: +20%/30%/40% DMG for next shot or skill for every damage dealt from [Chain Lightning] (Up to 60%/90%/200%)
  • Cursed Mark
    • Enemy damage dealt decreased to 30%/45%/60%
  • Inflicting Shock Effect will no longer deal extra damage to random nearby enemies
  • Miasma Effect is single target damage now
Ichthyosaurus Offspring
  • Optimized the combination of its tail attacks
  • Decreased the damage of laser attack at Normal and Elite difficulties
  • Decreased the frequency of summoning monsters when it retreats to the ground
  • The tail now deals damage when it breakthrough the ground

Gunfire Reborn July 29 Update is available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

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