Gunfire Reborn: Latest Update Adjusts Two Gemini Inscriptions

Gunfire Reborn January 21 Update
Gunfire Reborn January 21 Update Twitter/@GunfireReborn

Gunfire Reborn’s latest update has some pretty stuff, including the adjustments for two Gemini Inscriptions and a brand new Enhanced Occult Scroll.

Inscriptions are random weapon modifiers that affect certain stats and effects. Gemini Inscriptions are modifiers that only activate if your equipped weapons have the same Inscription. That said, two Gemini Inscriptions have been adjusted.

The first is that killing an enemy with the held weapon increases the base DMG of your off-hand weapon by +50% up to six shots. However, the biggest change here is that the increase in damage is now stackable and does not only affect the next 10 shots like it used to.

The next adjustment is that the spore you plant on an enemy will now deal extra damage when the spore from different weapons converge, instead of just dealing additional AoE damage previously.

Aside from the adjustments, there’s a brand new Enhanced Occult Scroll called the Enhanced: Evil-Banishing Talisman. This grants immunity to all Cursed Scrolls. It allows you to discard all of your Cursed Scrolls as well.


  • Optimized the resistance pattern of monsters to the freezing effect of [Energy Orb]:
    • Old: The more times the freezing effect is triggered, the higher the monster’s resistance ability
    • New: The longer the freezing effect lasts, the higher the monster’s resistance ability
  • [Elite Coyote] Adjustments:
    • Added skills such as quick swoop, setting quicksand traps and deleted its skill of throwing corrosive balls
    • Adjusted AI, reduced the chance of missing player’s hits, and enhanced its tendency to attack
  • Optimized Occult Scroll descriptions of [Elite Assassin] and [Enhanced: Elite Assassin]
  • Optimized Occult Scroll descriptions of [Enhanced: Fire Enthusiast], [Enhanced: Lightning Enthusiast], and [Enhanced: Corrosion Enthusiast]
  • Optimized the box text of skipping a dialog
  • Fixed an issue where owning the Spiritual Blessing [Weapon Genius], the weapon level might still be retained even if it is discarded by [Ao Bai] when dual-wielding
  • Fixed an issue where [Argus] could knock monsters back into walls
  • Fixed an issue where [Argus] could knock back some mighty monsters
  • Fixed an issue where a Vault entrance may be blocked by Craftsman in [Longling Tomb-Stage 2]
  • Fixed a map issue in [Anxi Desert-Stage 3] to prevent players from being stuck by stones
  • Fixed an issue where monsters may stay out of the battlefield in [Duo Fjord-Stage 1]
  • Fixed an issue where players might be stuck in [Duo Fjord-Stage 3]
  • Fixed a map issue that prevents players from moving in [Duo Fjord-Stage 3]
  • Fixed an issue where a dropped item may not be picked up in [Duo Fjord-Stage 3]

Gunfire Reborn February 25 update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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